Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Don't The Democrats Run on Their Record?

With the mid-term congressional elections only three weeks away from tomorrow, it would seem that by nearly all even semi-objective accounts and polling sources that the Democrats are due for a huge comeuppance where they will almost assuredly lose control of the House of Representatives and may even lose control of the Senate before the polls close on the evening of November 2nd.

Now the Democratic spin-doctors and their willing accomplices in the main stream media are trying mightily to do whatever they can to alleviate the damage to their cause, but the fact remains that most of the tactics they are now employing in the final few weeks of this contest amount to little more than personal attacks and an avoidance of the main issues at all costs.

And that is what strikes me as peculiar.  Why would the Democrats not be touting their overwhelming partisan vote for Obamacare?  How about the stimulus package?  How about the financial reform legislation?  How about the yet-to-pass cap & trade legislation that they are championing?  How about cash for clunkers?  How about any number of irresponsible spending bills they passed into law?

If the public truly had wanted these things and elected the Democrats to office in order to enact legislation to bring us all of the fruits of these disastrous laws, why are the Democrats not yelling from the rooftops about what they have accomplished in our name?  How come you don't see anyone even MENTIONING Obamacare except in the case where a given politician states that he or she voted AGAINST it? 

Is it possibly because of the fact that the Democrats were indeed hijacked by the far left progressives of their party and failed to listen to the vast majority of Americans and their opinions and pass these unwanted, irresponsible, and often un-Constitutional laws in spite of the peoples' will?  I have a rather gargantuan hunch that is precisely the case.

November 2nd will indeed be the ultimate Tea Party to date and the Democrats have absolutely nobody to blame but themselves for listening to the far left fringes of their party at the expense of the opinions of We The People.  Really... what did they think would happen as a result of their arrogance?


Dave Splash said...

I actually agree with you (sort of) on this one. I think the Democrats should run more on their record, and less about what the batsh*t insane other side will do once in office.

Millions of people otherwise excluded from health insurance can now get coverage, sick people cannot be dropped from coverage simply for being sick. Though the recovery has been slow, the market has fully recovered and that has always been a lagging indicator about job growth. The Democrats prevented a full blown depression that would have certainly come if the Republican economic "ideas" had been utilized. The stimulus was, actually, a success. Hundreds of Republicans have touted the money in their districts even though they voted against it. Typical GOP behavior, for sure, but an indicator that it did work. Frankly, if it hadn't been for Obama's stubborn insistence on including Republican ideas at all, the stimulus would have been twice the size. It would have been even more effective. Hell, how many states avoided layoffs of teachers due to the stimulus? How about all of the new construction projects across the country being done only because stimulus money was made available.

Obama promised to end the Iraq War, and finally, he did.

It's hard to argue about what would have happened if something had not been done. But frankly, the messaging guys at the DNC should have done a better job. The news cycles and election narratives have been written by the GOP, and the media just laps it up over and over again.

T. Paine said...

Splash, you live in an alternate universe.

Even the Democrats know that nearly everything you said above was an epic failure.

They aren't running on their record because the facts of the matter don't support that ANY of these policies worked.

The Democrats know it. The GOP knows it. The Tea Party Knows it. Only poor Dave Splash doesn't seem to know it. Sorry to break it to you, buddy.