Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Democrats' Hypocrisy on Russia

Some of President Trump's statements at the Helsinki Summit with Vladimir Putin were definitely foolish and cringe-worthy.  He did not help his own created image of being the tough, no-nonsense leader that he would like to portray to the rest of us.  That said, Trump's actions against Russia, particularly as compared to that of President Obama's and his corrupt Secretary of State Clinton's, is orders of magnitude tougher than that of previous Democrats.  Of course, that doesn't fit the leftist narrative and will be summarily dismissed by them accordingly.

I find it ironic that the Left's posturing against Russia is so tough these days now that they are "out of power".  I remember when Russia was still Communist and many on the left adored them and thought their own country, particularly under Ronald Reagan, was the real threat to world peace and prosperity.  I guess their group hallucination regarding the mis-perceived transgression that Russia cost their own corrupt Hillary the presidency has really ruffled their feathers.  I guess to many Leftists slights against their party are more damnable than slights against their country.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump: He Meant What He Said

When I was a junior in high school, decades ago, I signed up for Mr. Mueller’s class on oceanography as one of my science class requirements.  Most of my fellow students signed up thinking it would be an easy class.  I signed up for it because the topic of oceanography sounded very interesting to me. 

Mr. Mueller was a very plain spoken, gruff, and politically incorrect teacher.  He was not opposed to ridiculing any student that acted out of line in his class, usually to the class' amusement and to the student's chagrin.  There was always order and discipline in his class.

He would have been a tenured instructor that the teachers’ union would have somehow found a way to fire if he were to teach nowadays. I could see him being the one that refused to join the union or at least made union meetings very contentious, to say the least.  I imagine him pointing out their nonsense and the political over-reach of some folks instead of them focusing on how to be better teachers and demand that they be compensated appropriately for so being. 

I recall his initial “welcome speech” on the first day of class all of these years later because it was terse, to the point, and was obviously lacking in “feel-good” platitudes that many of the other teachers would bloviate upon.  He stated at the beginning of the semester that if you were late for class, his door would be locked and he would not let you in the room, so you had better show up on time.  Respect was a big deal for him.  He said he would be going over geological, biological, and chemistry related aspects of oceanography and as such that there was a tremendous amount of information he would cover and we would be expected to know for the exams.  He further explained that he would do reviews before each exam and that if we took good notes during the reviews and had done our work during the preceding section, we would likely all get “A’s”.  If not, we would likely fail.  

I found that I liked Mr. Mueller because he told you just where you stood, what was expected, and what he was going to do.  There weren’t any surprises.

I was amazed when seemingly half of the class passed with “A’s” while the remaining half failed just exactly as Mr. Mueller had foretold.  I received an A+.  

I find the situation somewhat analogous to President Trump today.  I personally do not care for Trump’s often un-statesmanlike demeanor, his petulant retaliation and conducting of national affairs by tweets, and his over-the-top rudeness at times.  I did not like what I saw as serious character issues with Mr. Trump during his campaign, and hence decided to vote for Darrell Castle with the Constitution Party accordingly.

In spite of his character flaws, many of President Trump’s issues that he campaigned upon seemed to be good ideas and particularly necessary in my opinion.  Some took the form of campaign promises similar to those made by Republican candidates for generations.  As such, not many people, including the Democrats, took them too seriously as actually being addressed in his administration other than just as window-dressing. 

After the better part of two years into President Trump’s administration, I think many people are surprised, or vexed depending on political ideologies, to learn that Trump wasn’t the typical politician just making half-hearted promises in order to get elected.  He actually intended to work to get his agenda enacted.

And this angers the left… to extraordinary degrees.

President Trump promised to nominate constitutionally-minded candidates to the federal courts and Supreme Court instead of appointing judicial activists whom look to every place besides the United States Constitution for informing their opinions on cases.  Justice Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh are excellent jurists in that very mold of textualists accordingly, thus the meltdown from the leftists.  Trump provided a list of twenty-five SCOTUS candidates that he would likely pick from for the Supreme Court.  There certainly was no surprises here.  

Trump promised to work with other nations to revise or establish mutually beneficial trade deals, and if the other nations refused to work with us accordingly, he would seek to right such trade imbalances via the instigation of tariffs on their goods.  China has long stolen intellectual property and maintained a dangerous trade imbalance in their favor with us, particularly regarding steel and aluminum.  Trump attempted to right that wrong; China refused to cooperate, and hence punitive tariffs have been enacted in order to prompt China to change its ways...  JUST   AS   PROMISED.

Like previous presidents, Trump also promised to end illegal immigration.  Unlike previous presidents from both parties, Trump actually instructed that the letter of the law be followed with regards to illegal immigrants.  This enrages the left as they see future Democrat voters being denied entry into the U.S.  They further blame Trump for actually following the law written long prior to his administration that separates children of illegal aliens from their parents.  (If I were to break the law in Mexico, I don’t think that the Mexican authorities would throw my children into jail with me.  I know we don’t hold minors in jail here for the legal transgressions of their parents.)  The fact that Trump has asked that this law actually be enforced as a deterrent to illegal immigrants has caused heads to explode on the left.  When he mitigated this law by executive order, the left still screamed and took offense.  Evidently for some of our brothers and sisters on the left, we are to have open borders or they will fight and resist!

President Trump promised significant tax reform to spur the economy to life once again from the sub-2% anemic growth experienced under his predecessor’s eight years.  By doing so he has created business and personal growth not seen in this country for decades by allowing people to keep more of their own hard-earned tax dollars.  Further, this has caused businesses to expand and hire more employees thus bringing unemployment numbers down to remarkably low levels.  Again, Trump did what he said he would do.

Trump has removed myriad economy-killing regulations that were often times unnecessary or useful only to certain special interest groups.  He promised to remove two regulations for every one that was enacted.  He has far surpassed this by a margin of 12 removed to 1 enacted according to some reports.  This cutting of bureaucracy has made government less bloated and more efficient and responsive in many areas… just as promised yet again.

Trump, like previous presidents, has rightfully complained about NATO allies not living up to their commitments to spend 2% of their GDP’s in their defense thus leaving America to heft a greater share of the burden of Europe’s defense.  Unlike his predecessors, President Trump has publicly and spectacularly called out our offending allies for this intentional transgression and has openly pondered the usefulness of NATO if they do not contribute according to their promised obligations. 

These issues and perhaps dozens more where Trump was proven not to just be making meaningless speeches, but was actually telling us what he planned to do has proven refreshing to many of us on the right of center.  He made many promises during his presidential campaign, just like all other politicians before him.  The difference is that President Trump intended to follow through on every one of them despite a very hostile opposition from the Left and denouncement at nearly all corners from the mainstream leftist media.

The fact that much of his enacted agenda has proven to be very effective and quite popular really enrages our leftist brothers and sisters.  They are incensed that Trump actually meant what he said and followed through on his words, just like Mr. Mueller did in my high school class decades ago.  Those folks that didn’t take them seriously are upset that America is being made great again (by most Americans’ definition) or that they got “F’s”.  I guess they didn’t realize that both President Trump and Mr. Mueller truly meant what they said.

In that regard, I have do have respect for the otherwise arrogant and often obnoxious President Trump,  just like I did for the brusque Mr. Mueller decades earlier.  They meant what they said, and that is indeed not only quite refreshing in this day and age, but sorely needed as well.

PS: As a FYI, September 11, 2018 will be the ninth anniversary of Saving Common Sense.  It will also be the last active day of this blog.  I have yet to decide whether I will remove the blog entirely or simply leave it up and no longer administer to it.   Regardless, I have decided to start a new "kinder and gentler" project in the coming months that will be less political and not dealing with malcontents and haters.  More to come on this soon!  Cheers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Irish

"Have we ever seen a nation so overjoyed at the prospect of killing their own children?"

I found this single-line thought posted at Collecting My Thoughts and nearly wept at the profundity it expressed.

The ignorance and callousness of people that should know better regarding such an evil is truly disheartening.  How does a nation that considers itself to be Catholic reconcile the legalization of this barbaric atrocity known to them as "choice" with some of God's most solemn commandments to love one another and to not kill the innocent?

Surely our Lord must weep at this travesty.  I guess in that regard, I am still in good company.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Politics, Humor, and the Intersection of Both

Figured we could all use a laugh right about now.  Of course, some folks may not find a few of these as funny as the rest of us will.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Understanding" the Party of Militant Snowflakes (PMS)

We've seen it pop up over the news repeatedly and unceasingly. The media is often duped and is complicit, if not actually members of the far left whiners complaining about the rest of us "not understanding" leftist supporters.

Oh, but we do.

When angry leftist snowflakes accuse me of being racist and opposing the Constitution, when they lie like calling me a White Nationalist, when they accuse and blame conservatives, resort to the race card and every race-baiting technique ever devised, and NEVER bring up the double standards and duplicity of their actions going on today, when they attack pro-life organizations as "racist hate groups", when they claim that only innocent victims and not some numbers of violent protesters marched with BLM, when they are angered by the Congressional Freedom Caucus for even existing, when they constantly deflect and claim that we are blaming the former Black President, when they refuse to look at President Trump and realize that he is doing his constitutional job as commander in chief by trying to prevent potential Muslim terrorists from dangerous and unstable countries from entering America with his temporary ban until they are vetted and thus claiming he is a racist xenophobe because of this,  all the while excusing the anti-colonialist, would-be-Marxist, Islamic-enemy strengthening idiot that preceded Trump into the White House, Etc. ad nauseum.... well, we do get it.

Yeah, if that doesn’t fit anti-constitutionalism and hate America first leftists, then it doesn’t exist.
I will not compromise with hate and lies. (Some on the left have become the very essence of hate and lies.)  I will call haters and liars out for what they are going forward. There can be no common ground with this leftist extremism. It will never disappear, and it must be defeated by every generation. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” so said the greatest president in my lifetime, Ronald Wilson Reagan, whom the militant left hates for restoring America’s prosperity, standing, and respect among the nations of the world.

I suggest they just follow their fascist Anti-fa hate group’s advice to, "resist, destroy, and burn down the rightwing institutions.  Never allow them to speak or share their ideas.  They must be silenced.”  This will only show the rest of the nation who these misguided and wrong-headed fools truly are.
Inspiring, is it not? Kinda makes me want to polish my Lenin statue and raise my clenched fist as I don my Che Guevara beret.

I know I can be a smart ass at times. It is who I am. But seriously, I am saddened by the disinformation, anger and hate we see from the far Left. I am ashamed of such a large faction of Americans who have become fanatic enough to trust Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, leftist-propaganda journalists, self-serving-faux scientists, and progressive-agenda-driven educators. And I am horrified they not only trust these adversaries of liberty, but actively share in their hate for a truly free un-biased press and educational institutions that are not merely sources of leftist indoctrination, and their demonizing and defaming of anyone that is right of center. These hypocrites have historically undermined the very rule of law to further their own purposes and then whine when others don’t follow the law when it is perceived to negatively impact them.

They also viciously attack anyone who calls out the lies and hate from the Party of Militant
Snowflakes (PMS).

This is who they are folks.

And they HATE anyone who sees them the way they actually present themselves.

We’ll stop telling the truth about them when they stop lying about us.

But that won’t happen, for they will never see the truth in what I just said. They are unable to comprehend anything outside their bubble cult because they are indoctrinated to hate and loathe dissent from their ideology. (After all, it was communist dictators in the 20th century that actually killed or exiled those that raised their voices in dissent to freedom.)  Thus deflection, distraction, denial, dishonesty and distortion are their only tools.  This is why conservatives are not allowed to speak on college campuses or any media sources that are not left-wing are denounced as “fake news” by these ideologues.

There can be no common ground with deflection, distraction, denial, dishonesty and distortion. They whine that we “demonize” them. This is not true. We know what they are about. THEY don’t want to understand us. They choose to see us and our traditional American values as the “enemy of the people”.

I stand ready to share the common ground of reality and basic human decency. The Party of Militant Snowflakes (PMS) and their enablers obviously want none of that.

They want to rule. They want to impeach and remove a duly elected president without charges (to date) thereby ignoring the rule of law and will of the people.  They claim to be for the poor and working class but only put forth new policies and entitlements that further ensnare them in even greater government dependency and thus consolidate a leftist voting bloc. They want to attack our republic, dismantle our institutions, subvert our rule of law to their will, and crush dissent and our constitutional liberties under the first, second, and various other constitutional amendments.

And I shall resist that ignorance, tyranny, anger, and hate until my dying breath.

Friday, May 4, 2018

GoD and DoG by Wendy J. Francisco

In a serendipitous moment nearly nine years ago, I came across this delightful song that was written and animated by Wendy J. Francisco.  While doing some clean-up on my soon-to-be-retired blog today I noticed that someone had clicked on that old posting of this.  I thought, in light of all of the garbage, hate, and malevolence out there in our society right now, this tender and sweet song warranted me posting it yet again.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Twilight Zone Moments

Ain't that the truth!  I'd add to that the following as well:

British Prime Minister defends hospital that ended Alfie Evans’ life, says “Clinicians should decide”, not parents.  (aka "death panels" like the one that also ended Charlie Gard's life.)

A few left-wing MSM individuals were actually unhappy with Michelle Wolf's vulgar mean-girl routine.

Israel found Iran cheating on the nuclear deal.  Surprise!

Building a wall will deny the constitutional rights of myriads of ILLEGAL immigrants.