Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hate Trumps Love from the Left

I recall several years ago how Sarah Palin was castigated by many on the Left and in the mainstream media (but then I repeat myself) for having the temerity to release a map that "targeted" certain congressional districts for which Republicans could concentrate.  The word "targeting" was labeled as hateful and inciting violence to shoot Democrats, as it was released shortly after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords by a mentally deranged man.  It was patently ludicrous and nothing but faux outrage.

Fast forward to today and we have the unhinged, out-of-power Left waxing eloquently, or not so eloquently, with their far more explicit hate speech towards President Trump and the Right.

Although I am not a fan and do not listen to him, I have come across this list that Sean Hannity's staff has put together of recent hate speech spewed from some of our Leftist brothers and sisters who purportedly wanted to make "love trump hate".  I'd say they were off to a very bad start, wouldn't you?

* Hollywood Actor Mark Ruffalo calls on NBC News to "cease hiring white conservatives."

* "Knights for Socialism" group at a Florida University teaches students how to "fight the fascists."

* Anti-Trump "resistance" leaders say they want to "Make America Ungovernable," call for "direct action" tactics against Republicans.

* Kathy Griffin's photoshoot depicting President Trump's severed head.

* Charlie Sheen wishes death on Donald Trump, tweeting, “Dear God; Trump next, please! Trump     next, please!" following the death of actress Carrie Fisher.

* President Trump murdered in musician Marilyn Manson's music video.

* Katie Tur insinuates Donald Trump will begin killing journalists on MSNBC, saying “Donald Trump has made no secret about going after journalists"

* Unhinged NYU professor calls on students to attack conservative speaker Gavin McInnes, calls his supporters "Nazis."

* Rachel Maddow says Donald Trump wants to murder journalists.

* Comedian Jim Carrey supports Kathy Griffin's photoshoot, says he dreams of killing President Trump.

* Madonna says she wants to "blow up the White House" during a speech.

* Black Lives Matter say they want to "fry cops like bacon" during a rally in Minnesota.

* President Obama urges liberal activists to, "Get in their faces."

* Actor Mickey Rourke goes on anti-Trump rant, says "F*** him, F*** the horse he rode in on, his   wife's one of the biggest gold-diggers I know."

* Rapper Big Sean raps about murdering Donald Trump with an icepick.

* Late-Night host Stephen Colbert goes on anti-Trump tirade, calls him "Vladimir Putin's c***-holster."

* Comedian Bill Maher jokes about Trump family incest.

* Rapper Snoop Dogg stages phony execution of 'clown' Donald Trump.

* NBC and New York Times contributor Malcolm Nance calls on ISIS to suicide-bomb Trump-owned properties.

* NYC Theater group stages performance of 'Julius Caesar,' showing the savage stabbing-death of  'Donald Trump.'

* Protesters in Philadelphia chant "Kill Trump - Kill Pence" during May Day demonstrations. "

And sadly, this doesn't even come close to listing all of the over-the-top hateful and violent rhetoric coming from some on the Left.  Yes, I know the Right has been guilty of going over the line in the past too, but nothing like this, especially considering the actions following some of this hateful speech.  Hateful and violent speech like this is never acceptable from anyone, regardless of party affiliation.  We should ALL stand together and condemn it accordingly!

But, it seems that we are indeed a nation sorely divided and returning to civil discourse, let alone reuniting as fellow Americans appears to be a lost cause.  In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"  Sadly, the answer from the Left appears to be a resounding " HELL NO!"