Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pete Stark Mocks His Constituents Over Border Security

California Democratic Representative (and I use the term "representative" very loosely) Pete Stark has once again made news with his over the top arrogance and contempt for his own constituents.  In a town hall meeting a constituent asked Stark a question about our border security.  Stark initially responds to the man, who had identified himself as a minuteman, with the question, "Who ya going to kill today?"  His egregious and condescending behaviour only got worse over the course of this meeting as he mocked all of the people asking him serious questions about our border security.

Stark at one point stated haughtily to one questioner that, "Our borders are quite secure, thank you.", and then at the next minute acknowledged the fact that thousands of illegals are coming across the border continuously and daily.

There are areas in our own country where American citizens have been advised not to travel to because of the danger presented by illegal aliens there.  In October of 2006, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service closed a 3,500 acre portion of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona that extends 80 MILES into the United States because illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels were operating without restriction there.  Foreign nationals here illegally have invaded our country so that American citizens cannot even safely visit a park in their own nation.  Enough is enough!

The minutemen understand this grave issue, as do a vast majority of Americans.  The less-than-honorable Peter Stark, regardless of his position on this issue, should at the very least show respect for the voice of the people that he supposedly represents.  He does not, and this is far from the first time this congressman has acted so despicably towards his own constituents.

This man ran for office against an opponent that Stark complained had been in office for too long after serving 28 years.  Stark, when asked if he intended to retire, said that he no such notion of doing so after being in office for 38 years.  I was unable to find out if this man was opposed in November's election, but if so, I fully intend to send his opponent at least a token contribution.  This man is a disgrace and exactly the kind of vermin that has no place in our congress.

Evidently this vile and arrogant man is one more Democrat that was overlooked upon Nancy Pelosi's elevation to speaker of the house with the promise of "draining the swap" that the Republicans supposedly had created.  Me thinkst thou should look to thine own swamp first, Madam Speaker. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yale Professor States Obama is "Wanting to See the Destruction of Israel"

This interview is as frightening as it is fascinating.  The speaker is professor Dr. Richard L. Rubinstein who happens to be Yale fellow "Distinguished Professor of the Year", and a Harvard Phd.  Within this relatively short video, Doctor Rubinstein states that President Obama's intention is to "correct the historical mistake of the creation of the state of Israel."

Based on President Obama's actions thus far, it is very hard to disagree with his assessment.  Obama seemingly wants this to be the ultimate outcome in the Middle East if he can do so without having "blood on his hands".  Dr. Rubenstein further states that president Obama, due to his upbringing and family ties, is extremely pro-Islam.  He further claims that this heritage is so strong as to the point of "wanting to see the destruction of Israel."  One wonders with all of the increasing amounts of evidence to support Dr. Rubinstein's assertions, why a huge percentage of American Jews continue to support President Obama.  The dots are starting to be connected and it is time to wake up, my friends!

Elena Kagan Would Make Law From the Bench

Monday, June 28, 2010

The San Diego School Board Seeks to Protect Students from God

It would seem, once again, progressivism is for the muzzling of all things in the public square that involve God as reflected in the Judeo-Christian tradition, even if mentioned in our historical documents or culture as a nation.  Evidently "diversity" to progressives does not mean a diversity of thought and ideals.  See the short video at this link for another example of this foolishness in the extreme.

Illegal Immigration and Illogic

Now if I understand the argument correctly, according to President Obama and his progressive fellow- travelers, when it comes to the illegal immigration debate the following is true:

1.) They think it is illegal to make illegal aliens, illegal.

2.) They think it is against the law to make a law to enforce the law.

Does this seem as preposterous to anybody else as it does to me?

Christian Missionaries Arrested for Sharing the Gospel

On Friday June 18, four Christians were arrested, handcuffed, and had their cameras confiscated for their sharing of the Gospel of John to Muslims.  Was this done in Tehran, Damascus, or perhaps Mecca?  Nope.  It was done in Dearborn, Michigan.  Right here in the good ol' United States of America.

The Detroit Free Press reported that these four Christian missionaries were members of the Christian group named Acts 17 Apologetics, and according to eyewitnesses, they were handing out a booklet that contained the Gospel according to John on the festival grounds.  These grounds consisted primarily of tents and booths which were erected on the public streets of Dearborn, Michigan. 

These missionaries were evidently surrounded by green-shirted security personnel hired for the festival who mocked and taunted the four and repeatedly shouted out "Allahu Akbar" upon the arrest of the Christian missionaries.

Prior to the festival, which was attended predominantly by Muslim Arab-Americans, a U.S. district judge in Dearborn issued a ban on groups distributing literature on sidewalks and local officials required a five-block distance for anyone wanting to distribute literature. The four missionaries were within the festival grounds.

David Wood, one of the four arrested, has said, "There are certain elements of Sharia law being adhered to in Dearborn."  I would add that evidently freedom of speech and religion are being curtailed upon the public streets of Dearborn, Michigan. 

One cannot help but wonder if the national press would have covered the story in sympathy if this had  been a Christian Festival on public streets and practitioners of Islam had wished to peacefully pass out literature on their faith?  Further, one wonders if this festival were actually organized and attended by good and true Christians, if they would have even caused a ruckus about it, let alone mock such hypothetical Muslims?

Now I can understand their arrests if these Christian missionaries were inciting violence or intentionally denigrating Muslims with the intent to stir up trouble; however, simply passing out Christian literature on a public street in an American city seems to me would fall under these missionaries' constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. 

The four missionaries now have legal representation.  One wonders if the ACLU will speak up on their behalf in defense of their constitutional American rights?  I will say a prayer to that effect.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Recommended Term Limits

Limit all United States politicians to two terms:

One in office
One in prison

Detroit and Chicago already do this.

Glenn Beck Exposes George Soros' Ties to Petrobras

Like him or not, Glenn Beck has done some extremely interesting iinvestigative research lately regarding the pernicious globalist George Soros. Below are some of his comments regarding Soros related to the findings of his research.  I find it amazing that there is not a peep about this in the "objective" main stream media, and yet they hugely exaggerated and fabricated falsehoods regarding Dick Cheney and his ties with Haliburton during the Bush administration.  Regardless, it would seem at the very least that Soros should be arrested for suspicion of insider trading to me.  I won't be holding my breath though.

...perhaps his (Soros)most effective creation is the Center for American Progress. When the group formed in 2003, he promised $3 million, but that number could be higher as Soros admits to spending $500 million a year on his various foundations.

Back in 2003, Democrats were floundering and on the verge of irrelevance. They needed an "intellectual coup" just like the conservative Heritage Foundation achieved in the '80s. Center for American Progress provided just that; it's a progressive policy think tank that believes in "government that champions the common good over narrow self-interest" and they have heavy influence on this administration.

Bloomberg reported that the Center for American Progress "helped build the platform that triumphed in the 2008 campaign" and Time Magazine noted that "not since the Heritage Foundation helped guide Ronald Reagan's transition in 1981 has a single outside group held so much sway."

At the head of Obama's transition team was John Podesta. He's also the founder of Center for American Progress, a former Clinton administration official and the guy who not only laid out the plan for how the Obama team would be put together, he staffed the senior levels of the White House, Cabinet members and the top layer at government agencies.

With that kind of influence — and we'll show you more evidence of that influence coming up — it's important to look at what Soros is investing in. Could there possibly be any, what do they call them, conflicts of interest?

Through his Soros Fund Management hedge fund, Soros is heavily invested in many different things. But one that caught my attention (and seemingly no one else's) recently is Petrobras. What is that? It's Brazil's state-controlled oil behemoth. It's Brazil's version of Big Oil. They've netted $15 billion in profits during the last year. As of March 31 this year, SEC filings show Soros Fund has $637 million vested in Petrobras. Last December, the fund had $900 million invested in the company, making Petrobras one of its two largest stakes.

What did Soros see in these guys that the rest of the world didn't? Is he just that much smarter than everyone else? Or is it possible because of Center for American Progress and all the other connections Soros has at the White House, he knew that the administration would be making a $2 billion "preliminary commitment" to Petrobras for "exploration," just days after he strengthened his investment? Or was that just another one of those bad luck situations for Obama? Because it certainly doesn't seem to pass the smell test: A billionaire investor dumps money into state-controlled Brazilian oil company and days later administration dumps $2 billion dollars into the same exact company? Now the administration is crippling the American competitors and the biggest winner in this is Petrobras.

Mind you, this is a multi-billion dollar company that rakes in tens of billions in profits each year. Why in the world would these guys need a loan? And why are we investing in another country's offshore drilling while banning ours?

Yes, why indeed are we doing this?  Attorney General Holder, I don't suppose you would look into this appearance of wrong doing on behalf of our executive administration and one of the wealthiest men in the world who happens to be a staunch supporter of that administration, would you, sir?

The Obama Moratorium on Oil Drilling and Its Consequences

On Tuesday June 22, a federal judge by the name of Martin Feldman issued an injunction that ordered the Obama administration to refrain from enforcing a federal moratorium that President Obama had placed on all drilling on the outer continental shelf in water at depths greater than 500 feet.

"Overbearing," "heavy handed," "misleading," "confused," as well as "arbitrary and capricious" is how Judge Feldman in his ruling referred to Obama’s moratorium that banned all domestic oil drilling. President Obama had issued this drilling moratorium on May 6 in response to the massive BP oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The moratorium was only supposed to be in effect until the end of May; however, Obama announced that the moratorium was to be extended for a full six months in the waning days of May, as the efforts to cap the BP oil spill and contain the expanding slick went nearly unabated.

Upon Obama’s announcement of the moratorium, a lawsuit was filed by Hornbeck Offshore Services of Covington, Louisiana, in conjunction with many other gulf area companies, in the hopes of getting a federal injunction established to lift the drilling ban moratorium. These companies argued in their lawsuit that the federal moratorium violates the Administrative Procedure Act and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act and is inflicting "irreparable harm" upon them and others in the region. The financial impact of this moratorium could indeed turn this crippling oil spill into a catastrophic disaster for Louisiana and other gulf coast states.

Governor Jindal of Louisiana specifically has been extremely vocal in supporting the lifting of the ban. He has claimed that the environmental disaster caused by the BP oil spill will only be exacerbated by the economic disaster that President Obama’s moratorium will create by the destruction of thousands of jobs in Louisiana and the Gulf region that are heavily reliant upon the oil industry.

His well-justified fear is that there are only so many deepwater drilling rigs available in the world. This moratorium for the United States effectively puts these rigs out of business domestically so they look to foreign venues such as one recently signed by Brazil’s Petrobras oil company. Ironically, this is a company that George Soros, who has strong ties to the Center for American Progress, has invested in lately. These rigs will likely be tied up in long term contracts with foreign oil exploration and drilling for years to come, if the moratorium is not permanently lifted quickly.

One has to suspect that this was the plan of the Obama administration as dictated to specifically by the Center for American Progress accordingly. Governor Jindal and his attorney general filed a brief in support of the Hornbeck Offshore Services’ lawsuit stating, "Having to wait an additional year or more for available rigs will turn the short-term adverse effects of the moratorium into a long-term economic disaster for Louisiana."

Judge Feldman also cited lies within Interior Secretary Salazar’s report that President Obama used to justify the moratorium. Judge Feldman wrote, "Much to the government's discomfort and this Court's uneasiness, the [Salazar report] Summary also states that 'the recommendations contained in this report have been peer-reviewed by seven experts identified by the National Academy of Engineering."

That claim within the report has proven to be demonstrably false, as a large majority of the experts involved in the peer review process have stated that they opposed the moratorium and have since denounced the report’s claim as having misrepresented their conclusions. Judge Feldman stated that this “misleading” claim on behalf of the government’s report brings about serious “"apprehension about the probity of the process that led to the Report."

As states Judge Feldman’s opinion, “As the plaintiffs, and the experts themselves, pointedly observe, this statement was misleading. The experts charge it was a ‘misrepresentation.’ It was factually incorrect. Although the experts agreed with the safety recommendations contained in the body of the main Report, five of the National Academy experts and three of the other experts have publicly stated that they ‘do not agree with the six month blanket moratorium’ on floating drilling. They envisioned a more limited kind of moratorium, but a blanket moratorium was added after their final review, they complain, and was never agreed to by them, a factor that might cause some apprehension about the probity of the process that led to the Report.”

It would seem that the Obama administration has accepted as fact the inept and bogus “scientific” data that has been under intense scrutiny in the Climate-gate scandal in the past year that garnered much worldwide attention due to falsified and cherry-picked data by scientists involved with global warming research. Obama has pushed for cap and trade and other onerous policies out of hyped fear generated from this unproven “science”. It would seem also that in true Rahm Emanuel fashion, President Obama was not about to let this disaster go to waste, but rather decided to exploit the issue in order to further push his energy policies of removing the United States from its reliance upon oil. The hypocrisy of this is that these oil rigs are still going to be in use elsewhere throughout the world, and the United States will have to now buy nearly all of its oil from foreign sources if the moratorium is re-established or if it is not adjudicated favorably to the Gulf areas, and the United States’ interests in within a few weeks time. George Soros will be a beneficiary of this policy as he has heavily invested in Petrobras oil as of late.

Judge Feldman further states in his ruling that the government failed to provide sound rationale for the over-reaching and all-encompassing moratorium that ultimately affects all domestic oil companies and their drilling rigs, regardless of the fact that most have exemplary safety records. Judge Feldman has likened it to stopping all air travel because of a single crash. He states, "If some drilling equipment parts are flawed, is it rational to say all are? Are all airplanes a danger because one was? All oil tankers like Exxon Valdez? All trains? All mines? That sort of thinking seems heavy-handed, and rather overbearing."

Judge Feldman further excoriates the Obama administration’s moratorium in his ruling by stating "the Court is persuaded that it is only a matter of time before more business and jobs and livelihoods will be lost. The defendants trivialize such losses by characterizing them as merely a small percentage of the drilling rigs affected, but it does not follow that this will somehow reduce the convincing harm suffered."  Further, Judge Feldman states, "The effect on employment, jobs, loss of domestic energy supplies caused by the moratorium as the plaintiffs (and other suppliers, and the rigs themselves) lose business, and the movement of the rigs to other sites around the world will clearly ripple throughout the economy in this region."

It has been estimated that should the moratorium continue that it could in fact kill 50,000 jobs in the Gulf Coast region with myriads more than that also will be negatively impacted via the ripple effect it would cause there.

Hornbeck Offshore Services as the plaintiff, "have established a likelihood of successfully showing that the Administration acted arbitrarily and capriciously" by having issued the moratorium. Further, "The plaintiffs assert that they have suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm as a result of the moratorium," continued Judge Feldman. "The Court agrees," he concluded.

The Obama administration asked for a suspension of the injunction immediately while they appeal Judge Feldman’s decision. This was done on June 23 of this week. Further, Interior Secretary Salazar also informed a senate subcommittee on Wednesday that the administration was in the process of revising the moratorium so as to be more in line with what Judge Feldman listed as his concerns regarding the “overbearing” moratorium.

It would seem that President Obama is indeed not going to let this crisis go to waste and fully intends on destroying the domestic oil industry accordingly. The cause of getting America to reduce its dependence on oil for its energy is arguably a noble one; however, the ramifications of compelling the country to immediately refrain from exploring or drilling for new domestic oil sources is guaranteed to have an egregious effect on the price of oil and cause the United States to have to purchase even greater quantities of the resources from foreign sources. This is absolutely inarguable as we currently do not have any viable replacement sources of energy that can be used in place of oil.

One can only hope that the Obama administration’s appeal will be adjudicated swiftly and justly so that no further economic damage is perpetrated upon the already suffering Gulf Coast region and indeed the entire United States. Our already anemic economic health is inextricably dependent upon the results of the ruling of this appeal.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

John Voight's Open Letters to President Obama

John Voight is one of the very few actors in America that has the strength of character and the clarity of thought to go against the rest of the liberal Hollywood lemmings and speak what is apparent to most of us Americans that still give a damn about our greatest nation on earth. 

Mr. Voight nailed it with his recitation of the letter he wrote to President Obama back on April 10th of this year.  He reads it in the following video below:

And now, John Voight released a new letter this last Tuesday that addresses President Obama's latest transgressions.  He is also dead on accurate in every aspect of his letter with the technical exception that he is incorrect about Israel being the only democracy in the Middle East.  Thanks to President Bush and the valiant men and women of our armed forces, Iraq and marginally Afghanistan are also now democracies who's leadership is finally determined by the citizens of those nations. 

Normally I pay little heed to actors and their asinine political opinions.  Mr. Voight's thoughts though are such a refreshing contradiction to the normal Hollywood air heads that I thought it worthy of posting it accordingly.
It is good to know that there still is a living breathing thinking conservative actor still alive since John Wayne died.

June 22, 2010

President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,

Jon Voight

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal's Unproffesional Criticisms

General Stanley McChrystal, the man in charge of the war in Afghanistan, is being summoned back to the White House tomorrow for his critical comments he made regarding President Obama and members of his administration in regards to their “help” with the war in an interview with The Rolling Stone magazine set to be released this Friday. Despite McChrystal having voted for Obama, a fact that immediately causes me to doubt his intelligence in regards to picking a Commander in Chief, it would seem that President Obama’s and McChrystal’s relationship has been tenuous from the very beginning.

Their first one-on-one meeting took place in the Oval Office four months after McChrystal got the job of leading the war effort in Afghanistan. The meeting was delayed by the inept Obama administration as General McChrystal sent out his plan for Afghanistan and made a request for 40,000 additional troops to enact it. According to an advisor to General McChrystal, the first meeting with the president was “ a 10-minute photo op. Obama clearly didn't know anything about McChrystal or who he was. Here's the guy who's going to run his … war, but he didn't seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed." Well, despite that meeting, President Obama did give McChrystal 30,000 troops and most of the support for which his plan called.

McChrystal’s criticism of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Ambassador Eikenberry, National Security Advisor Jim Jones and others might very well be accurate and just in the truthfulness of it (and from the excerpts I have seen, it is indeed apt); however, it is absolutely unconscionable that any member of the United States Armed Forces criticize his civilian chain of command in an official public capacity, let alone doing so in the capacity as the commander of the war in Afghanistan.

One of the reasons our military is held in such high honor and esteem by a vast majority of Americans is the fact that they are willing to sacrifice and do what they are called upon to do by their Commander in Chief, regardless of his political affiliation or reasoning, assuming the orders given are lawful Constitutional ones. If General McChrystal felt so strongly against the advice and orders of the civilian chain of command with which he had to interact, he should have brought those concerns immediately and directly to their attention. If the situation could not be remedied to General McChrystal’s satisfaction, then it was his duty to step down and resign his commission as an officer. As a retired officer and civilian he would enjoy every American’s right to loudly and publicly criticize the administration as he saw fit. Where he was dead wrong was his doing so publicly while still on active duty and in charge of the war.

It is NOT the military’s place to publicly question the civilian chain of command while serving under their orders.  This only serves to break down the chain of command and the civilian authority of our military. Granted that the civilian chain of command of our armed forces from the Commander in Chief all the way down the civilian chain have a duty and obligation to set the overall vision, major goals, and strategic objectives to define victory for the military and should thereby listen to and pay strong heed to their commanders in theatre as to what is necessary to accomplish those objectives. The President should define the major objectives of the war and then let his armed forces achieve those objectives with as little hindrance as possible from civilian second-guessers.

All members of the United States military serve to protect and defend the United States and its Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is their duty to follow our elected representatives accordingly. It is these elected representatives that are held accountable by We The People. Criticism of these members in a public domain in an official capacity while serving on active duty is absolutely unacceptable. General McChrystal should be fired by President Obama tomorrow accordingly.

The Pride of American Manufacturing

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Today is my beloved wife's birthday.  I am so thankful for her love and friendship!  I am so thankful to God that he made such a fantastic woman just for me and gave her the single flaw of not having good taste in men so that she would fall in love with me.  Happy birthday, honey!  I love you with all of my heart!

Labor Secretary Solis Fights For Illegal Aliens' Wages

I just saw this short public service announcement from our Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.  Has the world gone completely mad?  Does the Obama administration, including his cabinet, have any intentions whatsoever of abiding by, if not actually enforcing, existing law?

Evidently Secretary Solis wants it known that illegal aliens are entitled to every cent they "legally" earn in the United States while actually being here illegally.  My first question for her, besides "Shouldn't this PSA be in Spanish?",  is why in the hell does Secretary Solis not enforce current labor laws?  The Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986 (The Reagan amnesty bill) specifically stated that it was illegal to hire or employ illegal aliens.  That being said, shouldn't she be prosecuting businesses that hire illegal aliens accordingly?

Now comes the Obama administration who not only ignores the law but wants to encourage illegal aliens by helping them to get "all that they have earned."  The point is that this is one of the biggest problems regarding illegal aliens in that they ARE exploited by unscrupulous business owners.  So instead of enforcing the law, protecting our borders, and punishing those that do exploit these poor people by basically putting them into little more than slavery, the Obama administration has decided to make sure the "slaves" get all that they deserve. 

Would it not be better to enforce the law and abolish this exploitative institution of slavery instead of pandering to illegals in the hopes that these future recipients of Obama amnesty will be loyal Democratic voters someday down the road?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Governor Christie May Be the Man For Which We Are Looking

I have been exceptionally impressed with all that I have seen, read, and heard about Governor Christie of New Jersey since he took office in 2008. New Jersey is a state that has long been under Democratic control and has experienced huge budget shortfalls, exorbitant unnecessary spending, egregious patronage of Democrat special interest groups (unions particularly) and rampant corruption in general for a very long time.

The good people of New Jersey finally had enough and elected Christie, a staunch conservative with an excellent understanding of our responsibilities as citizens, the purpose of government, and the historical context that ties these things together, in order to try and restore some semblance of accountability and responsibility within the New Jersey state government.

He is starting to see some excellent results, despite the hateful rhetoric and howling from those who are having their tax-payer free-lunch cut off from them. Governor Christie seems to be made of sterner stuff though and is doing what the PEOPLE of New Jersey elected him to do regardless of the political machinations and demagoguery spewing from the progressive elements throughout the state. His shield thus far seems to be the fact that he is serving the people instead of special interests.

Conservatives have been given flawed candidates on the national scene for well over a generation now in which to place our trust and votes. There have been some decent people that have come along desiring to lead; however, there has always been some aspect in each that just wasn't what was needed. From the elitist Bush Senior, to the decidedly more economically progressive Bush Junior, to Bob Dole, to Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and on down the list. Each has some attractive qualities, but none were exactly what we needed. None had the strength, understanding, tenacity, eloquence, and ability to get things done as we have so desperately needed.

I am hopeful thus far that Governor Christie, should he be convinced of the great need our country has for true leadership, would deign it his responsibility to help lead in the near coming years and restore our nation to the principles upon which it was founded. I realize that no man is perfect, but throughout our nation's history, it seems that Divine Providence has always been there to place a leader in our midst to restore our one nation under God when we were in the deepest need. Well that need now is very dire. Is it possible that Governor Christie is the man that will help lead the United States back to the greatness it once knew? Only our Divine Author knows for certain.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Border Security Matters

Border security has long been a hot-button issue for many American citizens. This is not simply because of the poor, but well-meaning illegal aliens that cross our borders in the search for a better life, yet still put a huge financial drain upon our economy. Unfortunately, as we have been warned repeatedly by those that work to protect our porous borders, there are a LOT of people coming into the United States illegally that wish to do us harm. Serious harm. Terrorism types of harm.

Many illegal foreign nationals from various Middle Eastern nations have been caught coming across our southern border in particular. The fact that they have gone to such great lengths as to learn Spanish and blend in with Hispanic illegal aliens in order to come into our country illegally and surreptitiously should give everyone pause as to their motives. One border agent estimated that for every one caught, ten more don't get caught.

This is especially scary considering some of the items that have been discovered by these possible terrorists sneaking in from our southern border. Ironically it was an Atlanta news station that did the reporting in Arizona of this dangerous and ever-growing problem. See the following links for the whole story, then one can ask again if protecting our borders is simply something that racists want done, or if there is a legitimate need to police who we are letting into our nation.

Part one:

Part two:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wall Street's Love Affair with the Democrats

I know it is a common myth that the Republicans are the party of big business and the Democrats are for the little guys in America, and such may very well have been the case.... a long time back. This is definitely not true today, despite the propaganda to the contrary from Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Democrats in general, and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media.

It would seem that the Obama administration in particular and Democrats on the whole are far more beholden to big business and Wall Street in recent years than the GOP ever was. If one wanted to look no further then at where a huge percentage of the TARP bailouts and stimulus package monies went, one would find that a significant percentage went to big business Democratic donors.

Even those associated with these big businesses have found friendly shelter in the Obama White House. I give you our corrupt tax-evading Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner as my first exhibit of the this coziness of big business and Democrats. One can find ALL sorts of administration officials and friends that used to be associated with Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc if one were to take just a few minutes just googling the internet.

You would like further non-partisan proof of this, you say? Fine! The non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics has some very interesting statistics that puts the truth out there to combat the "conventional wisdom" that is seemingly nothing more than falsehoods nowadays.

First, Wall Street's top five congressional recipients of their donations thus far in 2010 are:

Senator Charles Schumer (D - NY) $1,556,099
Senator Harry Reid (D - NV) $660,175
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D - NY) $644,450
Rep. Mark Kirk (R - IL) $516,300
Senator Chris Dodd (D - CT) $445,248

Or how about Wall Street's money to congress as a whole thus far this year:

Senate Total Contributions
Democrats $5,670,922
Republicans $1,950,289

House Total Contributions
Democrats $5,739,387
Republicans $3,235,609

Still want more proof of my assertion? How about 2010 insider handouts thus far:

% to Democrats % to Republicans
Hedge Funds 58 41
Venture Capital 70 30
Private Equity & 67 33
Investment Firms

Total 60 39

Or finally, how about what Wall Street gave in 2008 during the presidential campaigns?

Barack Obama $14,907,585
John McCain $8,710,135

While I have a strong distaste for defending the incompetent Republicans, the truth of the matter is that it is the Democrats that are in bed with Wall Street. So do not fall for the line that the Democrats are looking out for the little guy, because the numbers do not lie. The Democrats, on the other hand, do lie.

The Arrogance of Representative Bob Etheridge (D - NC)

This arrogance and intimidation from one of our representatives, Bob Etheridge (D-NC), towards a college student is absolutely stunning! The video shows the paranoia of Democrats being challenged for supporting the Obama agenda, I guess. I saw this video over at "How's That Obama Vote Working Out For You?" and thought it was so amazing that I would place it here as well. Thanks to Joaquin for this great find and posting it for all to see!

I queried as to whether we can expect to see Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic congress censure Representative Etheridge for his misconduct, but somehow I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on that one. In fact, other than on the internet and perhaps Fox News, I wonder if this will even make the news?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Reagan / Obama Debate

I do sorely miss President Reagan and my knowing that we had an American in the oval office back then that understood our history as a nation, our path to righteousness in the future, and how to ensure that our liberties were defended along the way. The distance between the Great Communicator and the Great Teleprompter is nearly incomprehensible in its breadth.

The one sought to restore America's anemic economy be unleashing the productivity of the American people through capitalism and less onerous regulation and taxation. The other today seeks to return us to the same socialistic Utopian Carter-like economy where misery was spread equally amongst Americans.

Reagan sought to restore our standing and might in the world and to let our allies know that we would stand by their sides in trouble, and to put fear in the hearts of those that might otherwise be willing to test our strength and resolve in the defense of freedom in the world.

Obama, on the other hand, seeks to accommodate and have dialogue with the most vile and evil despots of the world that have been responsible for the usurpation of human rights and the killing of millions of their own people as a group. He seeks common ground where none can be found, so he apologizes and makes America look sickly and weak by wearing the mantle of appeasement accordingly.

President Reagan understood our Founders, the sacrifices of our forefathers, and the price in blood, treasure, and sacred honor that was paid for our freedoms as given to us by God and enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

President Obama looks to see how to get around and avoid the constraints placed upon the federal government by these documents so as to further its expansive growth, thus further eroding the independence, self-sufficiency, and individual liberties of Americans, all in the name of doing so for the common good.

I was proud to serve under President Reagan in the military. He was an American in all the best senses of the word. President Obama is a faint shadow of the man that Reagan was, and for all of Obama's eloquence and rhetoric to the contrary, the main difference was that Reagan stood behind and acted upon his words given in honor to the American people whom he represented.

Obama shows no such honor and indication of acting upon his few appeals to greatness for the American people. Rather, he would simply choose to make us just one more nation of mediocrity amongst hundreds in the world, whereas Reagan inspired us all to become that shining city on a hill that the world admired and wanted to emulate.

The debate between Presidents Reagan and Obama is one that would not have been much of a contest accordingly, as you will see in the video below. May God bless President Reagan for being the leader he was and in restoring honor and strength to our nation when it so sorely needed it. I pray that another such American steps forward to right the ship of state once again at the conclusion of President Obama's first and only term. If not, President Reagan may be proven right once again that America's "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

Who Hijacked Our Country, Anyway?

I have grown exceptionally frustrated with our captain at the helm, Obama, as of late. Of course there has been darn little to recommend of him from the very beginning. It would seem that many of our fellow Americans are waking up to this realization that President Obama is decidedly over his head in this job and is absolutely not up to the task of performing his executive duties in a timely, efficient, or even Constitutional manner most of the time. This is evidenced by Obama’s nearly universal hemorrhaging of his approval ratings and the continued rosy forecast for conservatives in the coming November elections. One can only hope that the American people will manage to put good honest constitutional conservatives into office instead of right-wing mouth-piece politicians who only wish to serve for the power and perks of the job. I think there are enough Americans that are outraged and awake now so that this will indeed be the case.

Furthermore, on the battlefield of ideas, the progressives as they are represented by the new communistic Democratic Party are bereft of any solutions or strategies to retain power and further enact their cancerous agenda upon the American people through any honorable means.

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are scrambling behind closed doors, because despite rhetoric to the public to the contrary, they can see the tsunami of outrage from the American citizens at their largesse and usurpations of treasure, power, and liberties. What the left has done is nothing less than take the overwhelming good will and hope of the people that they garnered with President Obama’s election and squandered it in trying to push through their un-Constitutional and unwanted agenda upon the American populace.

The huge bailouts of corporations was the first case, and while the populace was somewhat divided on the issue at first, this became obvious that it was poorly planned, handled, and executed in its fruition. Private businesses such as numerous banks and automakers etc were effectively seized by the government, told what services and products they would now be providing and manufacturing, their executives were fired and new executives told what they would be paid, and the corresponding debt of many of these companies was not legally adjudicated. Instead the Obama administration decided how the assets for GM and Chrysler were to be dispersed so that shareholders, vendors, and other debt-holders were given short-shrift while a hugely unduly amount of the assets and controls of the auto companies was given to the unions… huge Democratic donors. Hugo Chavez couldn’t have done better!

Next came health care, which was promised to be open to all input, televised continuously and transparently on C-Span, and done so as to correct existing systemic health care system problems. Instead we got an incrementally-encroaching system that will eventually bankrupt private insurance (as per the Democrats’ plan), exacerbate costs, create rationing of service, and ultimately destroy health care for those that DID have it. As the specifics of the Democrats plan was put forth and the public became more aware of the egregious drawbacks contained therein, public opinion shifted to the point that a significant majority of Americans were against this iteration of the plan. The Democrats did not care and used intimidation and bribes (Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker kickback etc.) in order to push through this legislation regardless of what the public wanted.

The same is true with the cap and trade legislation currently under debate in congress. The more that the American people learn of this plan and the needlessly higher costs on energy that this legislation will impose upon us, the far less they like it. Nevertheless, the Democrats see their window of opportunity closing with the pending November elections and are determined to ram this un-needed and unwanted legislation down our throats too, in order to enact their new world order agenda.

Lastly, while the BP oil spill was not Obama’s fault, his lack of following protocols in dealing with it have put him on par with former President Bush and his inept handling of affairs in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. There existed pre-authorization to do burns of the oil immediately in the days following the accident. This was not done and hence the oil has encompassed huge parts of the Gulf of Mexico and is working its way to the gulf stream currents to take it up the Atlantic seaboard. There were also protocols in place to set booms to entrap the oil spill while still small. No effort was made to do so. Meanwhile, nearly two months after this disaster, Obama had left his Whitehouse concerts and fun long enough to finally deign to meet with BP’s CEO regarding the problem. Current criticism of Obama’s poor handling of this incident from the public is disregarded from the administration.

Obama’s leadership has been non-existent. He has acted like little more than a spoiled figure-head. He states what he wants accomplished and then leaves the heavy lifting to his minions. Health care is a great example of this, as Nancy Pelosi was the primary agent for taking care of the illegal details to make the still apt name “Obama-care” come to fruition. The same can be said for handling the details of cap and trade. Obama leaves the details to others. Nowhere is this more apparent though then in the gulf oil spill.

Ultimately, it is only through ignoring the will of the people, ignoring the constraints on the federal government dictated by the Constitution, and offering bribes for votes on such pernicious legislation that has allowed any of this to go forward. The fact that there are a few rank and file Democrats that still support this gross misconduct and seek to justify it notwithstanding, the majority of Americans and indeed many other Democrats and Independents have had enough. This is not what Obama and the Democrats promised in 2008. It is not what the American people thought they were voting for accordingly. And it is not going to stand come November. Our nation was indeed hi-jacked, but we the people are taking back control of the ship, starting with the jettisoning many of the ship’s crew in November and ending with removing the captain of the ship in 2012. One can only hope that we can steer clear of the rocky shoals until that time!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Death Penalty and Ronnie Lee Gardner

Ronnie Lee Gardner is set to die in Utah by firing squad next Friday June 18th for the 1985 courthouse escape attempt where Gardner critically wounded an unarmed bailiff, Nick Kirk, and fatally shot attorney Michael Burdell in the right eye. Gardner had been on trial for the execution of a bartender, Melvyn Otterstrom, whom he robbed back in 1984 and then shot the defenseless man in the nostril as Otterstrom lay on the floor.

During the time of the penalty phase of Gardner’s trial, Utah had the option of death by firing squad, which has since been removed as an option only a year or two ago. Gardner chose this method of his execution back then and so the method is still being allowed in the commission of carrying out his sentence next Friday.

Now from all accounts, Ronnie Lee Gardner had a pretty hard upbringing and life in general. That being said, there are millions of folks that overcome and transcend horrible childhoods and become stronger and better people because of it. Indeed some of the most amazing people I have read about or know personally have achieved amazing things in their lives precisely because of the strength and courage they found by surviving such horrific beginnings in life.

I admit that I have a problem though. You see, being a convert to Catholicism a few years back, the death penalty is one of the areas that I still struggle with a lot. Our church teaches, and I do believe it to be true in my mind if not always in my heart, that it is not up to man to mete out this sort of justice via the death penalty. My problem is that this person is by nearly all accounts a piece of human scum and deserving of such a seemingly fitting punishment, and indeed a few years back I would have been one to have happily obliged in the carrying out of this justice accordingly.

The problem is that my church teaches that ALL life is created by God and that each and every one of us has that spark of life that was placed there by God, so it is up to God alone to determine the time and manner of any person’s death. As Christians, we are taught to defend life from conception until natural death. (Fighting in a just war or being a duly appointed officer using deadly force in protecting innocent life, or indeed anyone that has no other choice but to kill in the protection of innocent life, being the only exceptions.) Basically it comes down to the fact that man does not have the right to take a life that God created.

Now I would sleep much better at night and have a clearer conscience though if Ronnie Lee Gardner were given life in prison without parole and remanded to spend the remainder of his days in solitary confinement. THAT would indeed be a fitting sentence. Indeed those convicted of wanton murder should all be placed in an absolutely no-frills prison where they have minimal contact with anyone for the remainder of their days. Frankly, such a punishment would be worse than death, in my opinion, and that is what is richly deserved by such evil people.

In the meantime, I am expecting to see all of the usual suspects from the left gear up in support of sparing Gardner, particularly because of the method of execution that he chose, and yet these very same people are the ones that flip me off and yell expletives at me during pro-life rallies. It amazes me that there are those that think nothing of killing innocent unborn life and yet abhor the killing of the wicked and evil in the world. The disconnect and irony is lost on these poor misguided folks I suppose.

Anyway, I will not be one to attend the rallies to plead for Gardner’s commutation, and for that perhaps I am wrong and not living my faith as strongly as I should be. It is something which I have prayed about in the past years and still have not come to peace with completely. I will indeed pray for Gardner’s soul in knowing that God will judge him shortly, just as He will do for each and every one of us some day. The demise of Gardner though will seemingly come at the hands of duly-appointed officers of the law though.

When all is said and done, a vile and despicable human being will no longer be a ward of the Utah State prison system any longer after some twenty five years after the reading of his sentence, and while the whole thing is quite sad, I can confidently say that I will not shed a tear at Ronnie Lee Gardner’s passing. And for that, I wonder if I may one day be judged on this account too.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Liberty Counsel's Petition for Job-Gate Investigation

I received the following email and am in adamant agreement with the purpose thereof. I am, consequently, copying the letter and a link to the petition in its entirety. I would encourage all of you to click on the link and sign the petition, as this arrogance in breaking federal law by our White House cannot be allowed to go unchecked!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

My legal team has completed our initial analysis of the available evidence - and the applicable
law - surrounding the Obama Administration-Sestak job payoff. If proven true, there has been a clear violation of federal law for which there must be accountability at the very highest level. See my crucially important message below. - Mat

Late last Friday - as most of America stepped away for a long Memorial Day weekend - President Obama's team tried to bury what may prove to be the most damaging story yet to face his novice presidency.

The White House released its "investigation" of the Obama- Sestak job payoff and shortly thereafter Congressman Sestak stood before the media and told essentially the same story.

But their narratives are full of contradictions and even impossibilities - and they came forth only after the President's team had met with Joe Sestak's brother and former President Bill Clinton, the latter of whom attempted to "take the fall" for the entire sordid episode.

After months of trying to avoid the story and refusing to produce any information whatsoever, both Obama and Sestak suddenly attempted an explanation.

Except for three problems...

First, their explanation is full of inconsistencies. For example, the White House mentioned efforts in both June and July of last year to persuade Sestak to drop out of the Senate race but Congressman Sestak insisted that there was only one episode.

Second, their explanation is completely illogical. As a member of Congress, Sestak could not have legally accepted an Executive Branch appointment due to the separation of powers requirements clearly enumerated in the Constitution.

Former law professor Obama and Congressman Sestak certainly knew this basic fact.

Third, their explanation is - according to our initial legal analysis - essentially an admission that the Obama Administration did, in fact, violate federal law. Let me cite just one of the applicable statutes:

* * *
18 U.S.C. § 600 - Promise of employment or other
benefit for political activity

Whoever, directly or indirectly, promises any
employment, position, compensation, contract,
appointment, or other benefit, provided for
or made possible in whole or in part by any
Act of Congress, or any special consideration
in obtaining any such benefit, to any person
as consideration, favor, or reward for any
political activity or for the support of or
opposition to any candidate or any political
party in connection with any general or special
election to any political office, or in
connection with any primary election or
political convention or caucus held to select
candidates for any political office, shall
be fined under this title or imprisoned not
more than one year, or both.

* * *

On top of the blatant violation of the law alleged in the emerging Sestak scandal, we are now receiving additional reports about Obama Administration officials seeking to persuade other candidates for public office to bow out of an election in favor of receiving a possible government position.

So, the Sestak offer is not an isolated incident!

But even if it were, the fact pattern surrounding the Sestak job payoff suggests the likelihood of an egregious violation of federal law that should result in criminal charges and directly impact the Obama Administration.

How far should this go? There is already enough evidence to demand that President Obama dismiss any staff members directly involved. But it likely goes much deeper.

++Obama Administration ignoring lessons of the Nixon era.

As has been the case in previous executive branch attempts to "fix" elections, the cover up may be even more damaging to the President than the crime itself.

If it is proven that President Obama's fingerprints are present in the original offer to Sestak, or are found anywhere near the cover up, he may well find his own party turning on him. That's how serious the alleged violations are.

It is hard to imagine that President Obama was not involved in these illegal acts when the offer came from his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, whose office is next to the Oval Office.
Then, from Emmanuel the offer was conveyed by Bill Clinton. You cannot get much closer to the President than his Chief of Staff and the husband of the Secretary of State who is a former President of the United States.

As a constitutional attorney with over two decades of experience, I am well versed in the intricacies of legal code and the processes involved in reaching an informed opinion about what can or cannot be successfully litigated. In other words, over the years I've learned how to "smell a rat."

I smell a rat.

A growing number of Americans feel the Obama Administration is the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States.

Barack Obama's empty campaign promises of transparency and reforming Washington have been supplanted by his unbelievable arrogance and open disdain for the will of the American people.

His administration's condescension has stirred a deep resolve among patriotic citizens to stop the Obama/Reid/Pelosi axis of power before they succeed in remaking the United States of America into a nation we no longer recognize.

++Defiantly claiming "it's just politics" is the height of arrogance!

Things have so deteriorated that President Obama and his team believe they can even essentially admit guilt in the Sestak job payoff and pay no penalty. This is the act of an administration that sees itself as operating above the law.
We simply cannot sit by and let this happen on our watch!

That's why Liberty Counsel is launching a nationwide petition demanding that an independent counsel be appointed to investigate the Sestak job payoff and the emerging revelations of election bribery.

Go here to be among the first to demand accountability:

Again, my legal team has been pouring over every available piece of evidence and my conclusion is:



Go here to join me in signing this petition:

Then, alert your friends.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obama: Enemy of Israel and the United States Says Keyes

Doctor Keyes wrote an excellent piece for World Net Daily in his typical brilliant style with cogent and logical reasoning. Following is an excerpt. I highly recommend going here for the entire story.

… [I]n the terror war, individual engagements directly affect only a relative few. For the rest, the threat to their survival as a whole is an abstraction. With the right kind of leadership, it can become a moral and emotional reality. But that requires an intelligent, capable and sustained articulation of the strategic vision that clarifies for the "inner eye" both the physical and moral reality of the threat.
With respect to the terror war Islamic forces have been waging against the United States, G. W. Bush proved incompetent at articulating this strategic vision, but at least he tried. Because his agenda and worldview are so consistent with those of the forces brought against us, Obama has never made any attempt to do so. On the contrary, he has consistently slandered the United States with a pose of self-flagellating (as regards the nation) and self-righteous (in regard to himself) apology for supposed American acts of domineering injustice that, he implies, naturally result in hateful acts of carefully planned violence against the American people.

– Alan Keyes, "Who's to blame for terrorism's moral victory"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Arizona's Sign of the Times

Well this is one way to help expedite the Exodus of illegal aliens from Arizona!

The Beautiful Journey Home

My wife and I on our return trip from the Pacific Northwest to see family, with a short stay for her in the hospital in Spokane just to add to the excitement, prompted us to decide to take the scenic route back to our home in Utah via Yellowstone Park and The Grand Tetons National Park a few weeks ago. 

Although we have both been through there many times, we never tire of the awesome beauty of God's creation as manifested in these two utterly amazing parks.  We drove straight through, as we had to get back home, but of course we stopped and took pictures along the way.

This first one is of the majestically beautiful Grand Tetons mountain range.  (Yes, I noticed the date on my camera is not accurate... after the fact.)

The next picture is of a little Episcopal Chapel at the south end of the park.  It is quite charming and the view looking out the altar is amazing!  I made a comment as I was taking a picture looking past the altar that whatever pastor was celebrating the church service would have to have an unequivocally amazing homily just to compete with the view.  An older lady, who I learned happened to be an Episcopalian minister, agreed and said that long ago she had the privilege of delivering her first sermon from this very church. 

And below is the view of the picture I took from the aisle between the pews looking out past the altar:

These parks are incredible in their beauty and there truly is nothing comparable anywhere I have seen yet in the world that comes close to the awe inspiring views.  If you have never been to Yellowstone or The Grand Tetons National Parks, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Definitely put these on your bucket list!

Pomp and Circumstance

Congratulations to my baby girl who graduated from high school this last Wednesday.  I am very proud of her and what she has achieved thus far in her life.  I am most proud of the fact that she is a young lady of good intellect, strong faith, and great moral character.  I can hardly wait to see what greatness she will achieve through the lives she touches in her future.  Congratulation, honey.  I love you very much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 10 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2009

Judicial Watch is a public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption. It recently released its list of the ten most corrupt politicians of 2009. After reading the list I'd say they pretty well nailed the top ten quite accurately. Of course of the 535 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, it would probably be a lot tougher to name ten politicians that weren't corrupt.

Regardless, the "honorees" making the most recent list in alphabetical order are:

1. Senator Chris Dodd
2. Senator John Ensign
3. Representative Barney Frank
4. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner
5. Attorney General Eric Holder
6. Representative Jesse Jackson Junior/Senator Roland Burris
7. President Barack Obama
8. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
9. Representative John Murtha
10. Representative Charlie Rangel

See the link here for the specifics of why Judicial Watch placed these stellar examples of public servants on their top ten most corrupt politicians list.

British Petroleum's Presentation

I understand that the BP oil spill is a horrible thing and I absolutely think that BP should be held fully accountable for the destruction and lives impacted by this accident, and it was indeed an accident.  Whether it was hypothetically a preventable accident remains to be seen.

That being said, it would seem that BP is desperately trying to stem the oil flow and salvage what is left of their business and reputation accordingly.  The following link is for a presentation from BP showing what they have done, what they tried and unfortunately failed to do with the top kill procedure, and future possibilities.

The presentation is 13 minutes long, but is interesting and informative and provides better context of the situation than the demagoguery that is spewed from the left-wing talking heads out there.  Click here for the BP presentation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Painting of One Nation Under God

Congressman McClintock's Response to President Calderon's Speech

This was an excellent and well-stated response by Congressman McClintock regarding Mexico's President Calderon's recent speech to our congress regarding illegal immigration.  One has to wonder if the quotation from Teddy Roosevelt that Representative McClintock quotes within the video were to have been proclaimed by Mr. Roosevelt as president today, how quickly he would have been condemned by the left for being racist.  It is sad when the progressives must play the race card continuously, particularly during circumstances when they KNOW that no racist motives whatsoever were intended.  (Thanks to Paul for sending me this excellent video clip!)