Monday, May 28, 2012

30 Questions the Mainstream Media Will Never Ask Obama

I am increasingly sickened by the sycophantic mainstream media and their attempts to run cover for their ideological fellow-traveler President Obama.  Despite the cacophonous protestations from leftists throughout the country to the contrary (and from the media in particular) whenever the charge is made regarding the overwhelming media bias favoring Democrats and progressives, it has demonstrably proven to be a longstanding tradition of fact for the last few generations nonetheless.  The problem is that now we truly have come to a crossroads with this up-coming election.  I know this has become a cliché’ but that doesn’t change the truth of the statement one bit.  Either we will apply the brakes and start turning the car from careening out of control towards the gaping chasm we are rapidly approaching and thereby return our country to solid and responsible liberty-based constitutional rule, or we will mash the accelerator to the floorboard as we all chant Obama’s 2012 election slogan of “Forward!”.  The former choice is the only possibility of saving the last greatest chance for freedom and liberty on this planet.  The latter will result in the final ruination of our economy and the complete usurpation of our God-given liberties.  If President Obama is re-elected, the American Dollar will go the way of the Soviet Ruble.
We know which direction the left and its allies and useful idiots in the media want to go.  It is quite evident in the questions they ask of Republicans and conservatives and which questions they tellingly DON’T ask of Democrats, progressives, and our Marxist President.  To them, any tough question towards the President, particularly regarding his dismal performance with the economy must be avoided at all costs.  On the other hand, it is not only permissible but mandatory that the leftist mainstream media distract from the President’s ineptitude and corruption by making mountains out of GOP molehills wherever possible.  They invent a fictional “war on women waged by conservatives” and decry that Ann Romney is out of touch with Americans because she had the audacity to wear a $900 shirt on TV.  Of course the same media is mum on Michelle Obama’s extravagant trips all over the world at tax payers’ expense, while the Obama administration is directly responsible for causing millions of American women to lose their jobs.  Who is really waging that war on women?  
With all of that said, I expect and want the media to ask tough questions of Republicans.  I simply wish they would do their jobs as our supposed “fourth branch of government” and also ask some tough but fair questions of our current President and Democrats.  Following are some questions that need to be asked of President Obama accordingly.  Don’t hold your breath expecting Brian Williams or George Stephanopoulos to come through trying to be real journalists at this point though.  Anyway, on to the never-to-be-asked questions.

1.) An American border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens have been murdered by Mexican drug cartels as a direct result of our government knowingly providing weapons to them via Operation Fast and Furious.  Attorney General Eric Holder has seemingly perjured himself and is in danger of being found in contempt of congress for his testimony on the matter, and yet you still stand by him, Mr. President.  Don’t you think, in light of Mr. Holder’s obfuscation and contradictory testimony on the matter, that you should ask for his resignation?  Further, when were you made aware of Operation Fast and Furious?

2.) In 2010 you said Solyndra, a company that donated heavily to your political campaign, was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.” Now Solyndra is bankrupt and has cost the taxpayers over $500 million on loans that your administration was specifically warned might never be repaid if you did go through with the loans. How do you respond to citizens who say this is just one of many examples of evidence of corruption and crony capitalism in your administration?

3.) You and your Democrat allies in Congress ramrodded through a very unpopular health care mandate with very little public input or debate, despite your assurances that all of it would be transparent and broadcast on C-Span.  Instead you removed $500 Billion from Medicare to fund your new healthcare mandate, gave numerous exemptions of the law to various large corporations and campaign donors (including congress) and subsequently caused an increase in health care premiums and poorer coverage nonetheless.  Since this program has not stood up to the claims you made regarding its efficacy, the fact that it is likely going to be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in June, and its massive unpopularity with Americans on the whole, shouldn’t you work with Republicans in congress to repeal this law and craft new legislation that truly addresses our health care needs?

4.) Upon taking office, the national average for gasoline was $1.89 per gallon.  It now stands at $3.72 a gallon.  You have constantly demonized the domestic oil industry, seriously curtailed offshore drilling, completely blocked drilling in ANWR, and rejected the complete construction of the Keystone Pipeline.  Since these high fuel and energy prices have the greatest detrimental effect on the poorest of Americans, can you tell us how much higher you anticipate driving these oil prices, Mr. President?

5.) Considering the fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement has been protesting against the richest 1 percent of Americans and big Wall Street corporations, and considering that you have collected more cash from Wall Street than any president in American history while being in the top 1 percent of the richest American wage earners, aren’t you exactly the type of politician that these folks are wanting to remove from office, sir?

6.) Would you please tell us why you think the Nobel Committee awarded you the Peace Prize after having served only one month in office, especially considering that you would have had to have been nominated before even having taken office for this prize? 

7.) During your 2008 campaign, you made bipartisanship one of your central themes, along with hope and change.  Despite that, you have routinely pushed through some of the most controversial of bills through congress with very little or no Republican support.  Further, you spent practically no time negotiating with Republicans to reach a compromise on many of these key pieces of legislation.  In fact rather than tone down the partisan rhetoric, you have amped it up with statements like, “But, I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”  Between such inflammatory statements and a continuous drumbeat of blaming your predecessor for every problem well over three years into your administration, can you honestly say you put forth any effort to pursue bipartisanship?

8.)  For the first time in history, America has lost its AAA credit rating under your administration.  Do you take any blame for this, and what do you think you might have done differently to have prevented this from happening?  Further, what are you currently doing now to restore our AAA credit rating?

9.)  Despite Medicare running deficits and its current path already rapidly leading towards insolvency, you decided to cut $500 Billion from the program in order to fund your Obamacare plan.  Don’t you think it is irresponsible to cut money from an already struggling plan that millions of seniors depend upon in order to fund an unconstitutional and risky entitlement plan that has thus far only increased the costs of personal health care, Mr. President?

10.)  In July of 2011 you were quoted as saying, “Nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out years.”  You have already spoken approvingly of the possibility of a value added tax and have intimated that you will let the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year thereby causing a de facto tax increase for millions of middle class Americans.  With the economy in the current poor state it is in, do you think raising taxes on Americans is the responsible choice to pursue?

11.)  In light of the fact that the Democratic-led Senate has not passed a budget in over three years now and that your own recent budget was voted down unanimously by Democrats and Republicans alike in the House in a 0 to 414 vote, don’t you think your plans for the nation are wildly out of touch with what average Americans want, sir?

12.)  Many prominent and renowned scholars have concluded that your stimulus plan was a complete and utter failure.  Considering that the money spent on that stimulus cost more in real dollars than the moon landing and the interstate highway system combined, can you please tell us specifically what we gained by spending all of that money?

13.) Your administration promised that the trillion dollar stimulus package was critical to keeping the unemployment rate below 8 percent.  After having passed the stimulus bill accordingly, we have not seen unemployment dip below 8 percent for over three years now.  Considering the real unemployment number and the amount of people no longer in the work force that are consequently not even counted in the unemployment figures, doesn’t this mean that your stimulus bill failed and was a huge waste of taxpayers’ money?

14.)  What did you mean when you told Russian President Medvedev to tell incoming Russian President Putin to give you some space and that you would be more “flexible” to negotiate regarding America’s missile defense after you won re-election?  The implications of the statement are that you would be further willing to decrease or eliminate our missile defense system then when it wouldn’t jeopardize your reelection chances.  Being that you already reneged on deploying a theater missile defense system to protect Europe as promised to our allies of Poland and the Czech Republic, do you intend to continue weakening our national defense if reelected so as to win approval from our nation’s adversaries?

15.)  An allegation has recently been brought to light by your former pastor Reverend Wright that you offered to pay him $150,000 to remain silent and not attend any public speaking engagements during your 2008 election campaign that might cause further harm to your election chances.  Would you please explain this, sir?

16.) During the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, you initially refused foreign assistance to contain the spill, subsequently mandated a shutdown of all off shore drilling, and then made permitting of future oil rigs exceptionally onerous.  Despite this, you offered $2 billion in loans of American taxpayer dollars to Brazil in order for their national oil company Petrobas to begin drilling in their waters.  You stated that you wanted for the United States to be their best customer.  Why would you wish to eliminate American jobs and increase our energy prices while assisting a foreign nation to expand their oil drilling?

17.) When many Iranians started their uprising against their repressive government and were subsequently squashed by them, why did you choose to not even speak out in their defense, let alone decide to not “interfere in their internal conflict”, and yet found it necessary to “lead from behind” by helping the French overthrow the Qaddafi regime in Libya, despite it having no major national interest for America?

18.) Why do you consistently hire communists, socialists, and other such extremists in your administration such as Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Dr. Donald Berwick, and Carol Browner just to name a few, sir?

19.) You said if you couldn’t fix the economy within three years of taking office that you would “be a one term proposition” president.  In light of the fact that the economy is still broken by nearly every measurable standard, do you think it is fair for you to run for office again with the same failed policies as your agenda to try and “fix” the economy yet again, Mr. President?

20.)  By what authority did you nationalize private auto makers, fire their executives, appoint your own leadership teams, tell them what cars they will and will no longer make, and then renege on these companies’ financial obligations owed to bond holders in favor of giving ownership to the campaign contributing United Auto Workers union?  GM alone cost taxpayers $14 Billion dollars.  With the lawful mechanisms in place for bankruptcy to reorganize these companies, doesn’t your government take-over of these car companies instead smack of the very worst of Marxist policies, sir?

21.)  How do you reconcile the usurpation of many American’s first amendment constitutional rights to the freedom of exercise of their religious faith when you mandate that they must pay for things such as sterilizations and abortifacients which are in direct contradiction with their consciences or religious faith?

22.)  Mr. President, you stated during your campaign in 2008 that shutting down the terrorist detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba would be one of your first priorities.  Now as we come to the end of your first term in office, nothing has been done regarding Gitmo.  Would you please explain your seeming change of mind on this matter, sir?

23.)  Mr. President, all Americans congratulate and salute you in the killing of Osama bin Laden.  That said, why did you endanger Seal Team 6 by publicly congratulating them in the execution of this mission?  Further, why did you not wait until all evidence collected was exhausted to root out more of the al Qaida network before announcing the successful mission to the public? 

24.)  Don’t you think questioning Governor Romney’s possible decision regarding the killing of bin Laden had he been president at that time is politicizing the issue in a way that you would have previously abhorred?

25.)  Sir, you rightly questioned President Bush about his reckless spending and the adding of $4 trillion dollars to our national debt.  You decried his “borrowing of money from the bank of China” and the burden that this would place on American families and our children.  You called President Bush’s spending “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic”, and indeed it was.  In light of that how do you justify your adding of nearly $6 trillion dollars to the national debt in less than four years in office, Mr. President?

26.)  You criticize Mitt Romney for his greedy predation and subsequent destruction of jobs at a steel mill via Bain Capital, but the truth of the matter is that Mr. Romney had left Bain long before that happened and instead the leader of Bain at that time who is now a huge bundler donor for your campaign was in charge.  Don’t you think you owe Mitt Romney and the American people an apology for falsely accusing him for something for which you are guilty, sir?

27.)  It has been increasingly rumored that in light of the shaky political ground upon which your administration now stands that you are considering dumping Joe Biden in favor of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as your running mate in order to re-energize an apathetic Democratic base this Autumn.  Can you please confirm or deny the validity of this rumor, Mr. President?

28.)  During the 2008 campaign, you promised that your administration would not hire lobbyists, and yet your executive branch is brimming with them.  Further, you hired former Lehman Brothers’ executive and tax cheat Tim Geithner as your Secretary of the Treasury.  How do you reconcile the disconnect between your promised words and your actual deeds, sir?

29.)  Why have you upset the checks and balances between the three co-equal branches of government by issuing myriads of executive orders when you were unable to get your agenda passed otherwise through congress?  Do you acknowledge that this is an extra-constitutional usurpation of authority that is not delineated to you in our supreme law of the land sir?

30.)  In an interview in 2004 after winning the US Senate seat for Illinois, you said that you “believe in knowing what you are doing when applying for a job” and that you would essentially have to start running for a national ticket right then with no experience if you decided to go that route.  You stated that you were not a believer in following that path.  What made you change your mind and run for president instead of following your own convictions when you knew you did not have the qualifications or experience to be president in 2008?  In light of the exceptional difficulties you have had with your administration in this first term, do you think that you would have been better off to gain more experience and at least finish your first term in the senate before running for national office after all, sir?

It would be nice to find a main-stream media journalist that had the intellectual integrity to ask any of these questions of our president, regardless of their own political ideologies or party affiliations.  It would be really nice if the president would actually live up to his promise of being the most transparent administration in history and actually give a honest and sincere response if any of these questions were asked of him.  But then that dream is like some amorphous mist which one failingly tries to grasp.  One can only hope that the egregious and pernicious dealings of this corrupt and anti-capitalistic administration have not gone totally unnoticed by a majority of voters this fall, despite the complete dereliction of duty of our supposed independent main stream media to tell the truth about their naked emperor and messiah.  We shall see this November if a majority of Americans have come to this same conclusion that I have despite the media’s failure to do its job.  I suspect and indeed pray that they have, for America cannot withstand four more years of this caliber of governance and hope to still survive with our economy and our God-given liberties preserved.

Memorial Day Tribute

The Knights of Columbus produced this short video in honor of those that have served and paid the ultimate price in defense of our freedom.  May God bless all of those that served, and especially those that died protecting our God given liberties on this Memorial Day and always.