Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who Hijacked Our Country, Anyway?

I have grown exceptionally frustrated with our captain at the helm, Obama, as of late. Of course there has been darn little to recommend of him from the very beginning. It would seem that many of our fellow Americans are waking up to this realization that President Obama is decidedly over his head in this job and is absolutely not up to the task of performing his executive duties in a timely, efficient, or even Constitutional manner most of the time. This is evidenced by Obama’s nearly universal hemorrhaging of his approval ratings and the continued rosy forecast for conservatives in the coming November elections. One can only hope that the American people will manage to put good honest constitutional conservatives into office instead of right-wing mouth-piece politicians who only wish to serve for the power and perks of the job. I think there are enough Americans that are outraged and awake now so that this will indeed be the case.

Furthermore, on the battlefield of ideas, the progressives as they are represented by the new communistic Democratic Party are bereft of any solutions or strategies to retain power and further enact their cancerous agenda upon the American people through any honorable means.

Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are scrambling behind closed doors, because despite rhetoric to the public to the contrary, they can see the tsunami of outrage from the American citizens at their largesse and usurpations of treasure, power, and liberties. What the left has done is nothing less than take the overwhelming good will and hope of the people that they garnered with President Obama’s election and squandered it in trying to push through their un-Constitutional and unwanted agenda upon the American populace.

The huge bailouts of corporations was the first case, and while the populace was somewhat divided on the issue at first, this became obvious that it was poorly planned, handled, and executed in its fruition. Private businesses such as numerous banks and automakers etc were effectively seized by the government, told what services and products they would now be providing and manufacturing, their executives were fired and new executives told what they would be paid, and the corresponding debt of many of these companies was not legally adjudicated. Instead the Obama administration decided how the assets for GM and Chrysler were to be dispersed so that shareholders, vendors, and other debt-holders were given short-shrift while a hugely unduly amount of the assets and controls of the auto companies was given to the unions… huge Democratic donors. Hugo Chavez couldn’t have done better!

Next came health care, which was promised to be open to all input, televised continuously and transparently on C-Span, and done so as to correct existing systemic health care system problems. Instead we got an incrementally-encroaching system that will eventually bankrupt private insurance (as per the Democrats’ plan), exacerbate costs, create rationing of service, and ultimately destroy health care for those that DID have it. As the specifics of the Democrats plan was put forth and the public became more aware of the egregious drawbacks contained therein, public opinion shifted to the point that a significant majority of Americans were against this iteration of the plan. The Democrats did not care and used intimidation and bribes (Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker kickback etc.) in order to push through this legislation regardless of what the public wanted.

The same is true with the cap and trade legislation currently under debate in congress. The more that the American people learn of this plan and the needlessly higher costs on energy that this legislation will impose upon us, the far less they like it. Nevertheless, the Democrats see their window of opportunity closing with the pending November elections and are determined to ram this un-needed and unwanted legislation down our throats too, in order to enact their new world order agenda.

Lastly, while the BP oil spill was not Obama’s fault, his lack of following protocols in dealing with it have put him on par with former President Bush and his inept handling of affairs in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. There existed pre-authorization to do burns of the oil immediately in the days following the accident. This was not done and hence the oil has encompassed huge parts of the Gulf of Mexico and is working its way to the gulf stream currents to take it up the Atlantic seaboard. There were also protocols in place to set booms to entrap the oil spill while still small. No effort was made to do so. Meanwhile, nearly two months after this disaster, Obama had left his Whitehouse concerts and fun long enough to finally deign to meet with BP’s CEO regarding the problem. Current criticism of Obama’s poor handling of this incident from the public is disregarded from the administration.

Obama’s leadership has been non-existent. He has acted like little more than a spoiled figure-head. He states what he wants accomplished and then leaves the heavy lifting to his minions. Health care is a great example of this, as Nancy Pelosi was the primary agent for taking care of the illegal details to make the still apt name “Obama-care” come to fruition. The same can be said for handling the details of cap and trade. Obama leaves the details to others. Nowhere is this more apparent though then in the gulf oil spill.

Ultimately, it is only through ignoring the will of the people, ignoring the constraints on the federal government dictated by the Constitution, and offering bribes for votes on such pernicious legislation that has allowed any of this to go forward. The fact that there are a few rank and file Democrats that still support this gross misconduct and seek to justify it notwithstanding, the majority of Americans and indeed many other Democrats and Independents have had enough. This is not what Obama and the Democrats promised in 2008. It is not what the American people thought they were voting for accordingly. And it is not going to stand come November. Our nation was indeed hi-jacked, but we the people are taking back control of the ship, starting with the jettisoning many of the ship’s crew in November and ending with removing the captain of the ship in 2012. One can only hope that we can steer clear of the rocky shoals until that time!

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