Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pete Stark Mocks His Constituents Over Border Security

California Democratic Representative (and I use the term "representative" very loosely) Pete Stark has once again made news with his over the top arrogance and contempt for his own constituents.  In a town hall meeting a constituent asked Stark a question about our border security.  Stark initially responds to the man, who had identified himself as a minuteman, with the question, "Who ya going to kill today?"  His egregious and condescending behaviour only got worse over the course of this meeting as he mocked all of the people asking him serious questions about our border security.

Stark at one point stated haughtily to one questioner that, "Our borders are quite secure, thank you.", and then at the next minute acknowledged the fact that thousands of illegals are coming across the border continuously and daily.

There are areas in our own country where American citizens have been advised not to travel to because of the danger presented by illegal aliens there.  In October of 2006, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service closed a 3,500 acre portion of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona that extends 80 MILES into the United States because illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels were operating without restriction there.  Foreign nationals here illegally have invaded our country so that American citizens cannot even safely visit a park in their own nation.  Enough is enough!

The minutemen understand this grave issue, as do a vast majority of Americans.  The less-than-honorable Peter Stark, regardless of his position on this issue, should at the very least show respect for the voice of the people that he supposedly represents.  He does not, and this is far from the first time this congressman has acted so despicably towards his own constituents.

This man ran for office against an opponent that Stark complained had been in office for too long after serving 28 years.  Stark, when asked if he intended to retire, said that he no such notion of doing so after being in office for 38 years.  I was unable to find out if this man was opposed in November's election, but if so, I fully intend to send his opponent at least a token contribution.  This man is a disgrace and exactly the kind of vermin that has no place in our congress.

Evidently this vile and arrogant man is one more Democrat that was overlooked upon Nancy Pelosi's elevation to speaker of the house with the promise of "draining the swap" that the Republicans supposedly had created.  Me thinkst thou should look to thine own swamp first, Madam Speaker. 

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