Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Labor Secretary Solis Fights For Illegal Aliens' Wages

I just saw this short public service announcement from our Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.  Has the world gone completely mad?  Does the Obama administration, including his cabinet, have any intentions whatsoever of abiding by, if not actually enforcing, existing law?

Evidently Secretary Solis wants it known that illegal aliens are entitled to every cent they "legally" earn in the United States while actually being here illegally.  My first question for her, besides "Shouldn't this PSA be in Spanish?",  is why in the hell does Secretary Solis not enforce current labor laws?  The Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986 (The Reagan amnesty bill) specifically stated that it was illegal to hire or employ illegal aliens.  That being said, shouldn't she be prosecuting businesses that hire illegal aliens accordingly?

Now comes the Obama administration who not only ignores the law but wants to encourage illegal aliens by helping them to get "all that they have earned."  The point is that this is one of the biggest problems regarding illegal aliens in that they ARE exploited by unscrupulous business owners.  So instead of enforcing the law, protecting our borders, and punishing those that do exploit these poor people by basically putting them into little more than slavery, the Obama administration has decided to make sure the "slaves" get all that they deserve. 

Would it not be better to enforce the law and abolish this exploitative institution of slavery instead of pandering to illegals in the hopes that these future recipients of Obama amnesty will be loyal Democratic voters someday down the road?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone doubt that one of the reasons that U.S. citizens are being exploited is BECAUSE illegal aliens are competing for the same jobs???