Monday, June 28, 2010

Illegal Immigration and Illogic

Now if I understand the argument correctly, according to President Obama and his progressive fellow- travelers, when it comes to the illegal immigration debate the following is true:

1.) They think it is illegal to make illegal aliens, illegal.

2.) They think it is against the law to make a law to enforce the law.

Does this seem as preposterous to anybody else as it does to me?


Dave Splash said...

No, actually, we think it is illegal to make a law that targets one group of people - based on race - and force them to have an extra burden that the rest of America does not have to share.

Illegal is illegal. But brown skin does not mean illegal, and is not probable cause to detain someone.

That is the difference between the left and right on the issue.

T. Paine said...

Dave, the Arizona law that was passed was to enforce an already existing FEDERAL LAW. It is not meant to target particular groups besides illegal aliens. The Arizona state congress even went back to amend the law so stating that racial profiling was not to be used.

If someone is unable to speak the language and seems to be in totally unfamiliar surroundings, why is it a problem to ask for verification of citizenship by having them produce US recognized identification?

I got pulled over a few weeks ago by the police for turning into the wrong lane. Ya know what? He asked for my identification.

If I had been German and unable to speak English or produce a form of identification proving I was a U.S. citizen, I could have been legally held and turned over to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency until such verifications were made. And I don't live in Arizona.

It is a state law in Arizona meant to enforce the federal law.

Further, all that means is that the local or state law enforcement in Arizona must now remand any suspected illegal alien to federal custody, probably through ICE. ICE may or may not choose to do anything with the suspected illegal alien.

In fact, under this presidential administration, I wouldn't bet against the possibility of ICE having received orders to release all such people once they are in their custody.

The law is basically symbolic, as the federal government still has to do the job they have not been doing all along.

And if a majority of illegal aliens captured in Arizona happen to be Hispanic, that is not racial profiling necessarily. It is the law of averages, considering the demographics of the population there.

lisa said...

Dave I hear housing is pretty cheap along the Az border if you're interested.

Dave Splash said...

"If someone is unable to speak the language and seems to be in totally unfamiliar surroundings, why is it a problem to ask for verification of citizenship by having them produce US recognized identification?"

Just as the ability to speak English does not necessarily mean one is an American citizen (you've heard of Britain, right), the inability to speak English does not make one illegal.

I get lost all the time. Now getting lost is a pre-requisite for detention in the new right-wing police state of Arizona?

You guys want to tip toe around the issue, but if you were being completely honest, you'd acknowledge that this law will, in fact, target only Hispanics. US citizens will be harassed and detained. I know that, in general, most conservatives don't care, but it is true. One does not get more freedom by denying freedom to others.

T. Paine said...

How is it an infringement upon any citizen's freedom to produce a valid drivers license to prove citizenship if asked by an officer?

I have to show ID when paying for a large purchase by credit card. I have to show ID for medical treatment. I have to show ID when I get pulled over by the police for traffic violations? Maybe I should cry racism, Splash.

This is not a race issue to 95% of the law's supporters, regardless of how you wish it were so that the left can make political hay out of it.