Thursday, June 17, 2010

Governor Christie May Be the Man For Which We Are Looking

I have been exceptionally impressed with all that I have seen, read, and heard about Governor Christie of New Jersey since he took office in 2008. New Jersey is a state that has long been under Democratic control and has experienced huge budget shortfalls, exorbitant unnecessary spending, egregious patronage of Democrat special interest groups (unions particularly) and rampant corruption in general for a very long time.

The good people of New Jersey finally had enough and elected Christie, a staunch conservative with an excellent understanding of our responsibilities as citizens, the purpose of government, and the historical context that ties these things together, in order to try and restore some semblance of accountability and responsibility within the New Jersey state government.

He is starting to see some excellent results, despite the hateful rhetoric and howling from those who are having their tax-payer free-lunch cut off from them. Governor Christie seems to be made of sterner stuff though and is doing what the PEOPLE of New Jersey elected him to do regardless of the political machinations and demagoguery spewing from the progressive elements throughout the state. His shield thus far seems to be the fact that he is serving the people instead of special interests.

Conservatives have been given flawed candidates on the national scene for well over a generation now in which to place our trust and votes. There have been some decent people that have come along desiring to lead; however, there has always been some aspect in each that just wasn't what was needed. From the elitist Bush Senior, to the decidedly more economically progressive Bush Junior, to Bob Dole, to Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and on down the list. Each has some attractive qualities, but none were exactly what we needed. None had the strength, understanding, tenacity, eloquence, and ability to get things done as we have so desperately needed.

I am hopeful thus far that Governor Christie, should he be convinced of the great need our country has for true leadership, would deign it his responsibility to help lead in the near coming years and restore our nation to the principles upon which it was founded. I realize that no man is perfect, but throughout our nation's history, it seems that Divine Providence has always been there to place a leader in our midst to restore our one nation under God when we were in the deepest need. Well that need now is very dire. Is it possible that Governor Christie is the man that will help lead the United States back to the greatness it once knew? Only our Divine Author knows for certain.

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