Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marco Rubio "Gets It"

Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for Florida Senator is one of the few politicians that seems to "get it".  He understands America's greatness... it's exceptionalism.  He understands that this exceptionalism is not a result of our government, rather it is the result of our reliance upon God and the inalienable rights and liberties He has bestowed upon us that make America great.  It is these divinely gifted freedoms that has allowed America, through the power of individuals dreaming, working, and creating in the free market, to become the wealthiest and most generous nation on the face of the planet.

That is the reason why he will be elected to represent Florida in just five more days. That, and the fact that Charlie Crist cannot accept his defeat in the primaries to Rubio and feels that he is entitled to public office.  His "third party" candidacy is a cynical attempt to grasp at and hold on to power and is precisely the kind of nonsense that most Americans are sick and tired of and are thus rejecting accordingly.

Marco Rubio, I strongly suspect, will serve Florida and America very well indeed.

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