Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woman Claims Voter Fraud Favoring Harry Reid in Nevada's Clark County

In the very tight senatorial race in Nevada between current Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Republican challenger Sharon Angle, every vote will be critical come next Tuesday. Evidently, according to one early voter, perhaps Harry Reid is getting a little extra unlawful help in the vote count.

Despite Mr. Lomax blaming the problems on likely "voter error" one has to wonder about the veracity of the vote count when all is said and done.  Evidently the maintenance contract for these voting machines has been given to SEIU, a HUGE Democratic contributor.  This is one race that needs to be watched exceptionally close accordingly.  Oh, and at the risk of appearing even more cynical, the Chairman of the Clark County Commission is Rory Reid... son of Senator Harry Reid.


Dave Splash said...

A maintenance contract might be union, but the makers of the machines and the only people capable of altering any results are die hard Republican Bushies (and obvious Angle supporters).

Many European countries are getting rid of all electronic voting and going back to paper ballots. I think we should do the same thing here.

T. Paine said...

Yes, because die-hard Republican Bushies would be "fixing" the machines to register votes for Harry Reid prior to the ballot even being cast.

Come on, Splash. That isn't very logical, sir.