Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Attendance at the Restoring Honor Rally vs. at the One Nation Rally

The picture on the left show the crowd from Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally on August 28th.  The picture on the right shows the socialistic/communistic/Marxist One Nation Rally this last weekend on October 2nd that union bosses mandated members to attend and even provided free transportation towards that end for many folks. 

Enough said....


Dave Splash said...

Except that Beck or his supporters were caught using a doctored aerial photo from MLK's 1963 march, so they are like the little boys who cried wolf when it comes to their rally attendance. Beck said he had 1.5 million at his first big rally, and the parks service said it was 65K. The guy has no credibility.

Every single news organization - except Beck himself and Fox - had his numbers between 80,000-90,000. Those same organizations all had Stewart's rally over 200K.

But Beck and the right deal mostly in conspiracy theories and a perpetual sense of victim-hood, so I suppose it is just easier to say that the big, bad liberal media is just lying to keep Glen Beck down. Uh huh.

Dave Splash said...

Oh, and the rallys you are comparing are not the Beck vs. Stewart. The one nation rally was a hastily planned one by some civil rights organizations that few people turned up to.

T. Paine said...

Splash, you are correct about the pictures not being of the Stewart Rally in comparison. My bad!

I am laughing at your accusation of the "doctored" photo from Beck though. That would have to be one heck of a masterful forgery, considering that the WWII memorial wasn't around at the time of the MLK speech. Further, he KNEW that any data or photo's he provided would be heavily scrutinized by the left in the hopes that they could discredit him.

I guess when they couldn't they just did what Media Matter does... they lied.

You really crack me up with some of your comments and dubious sources for your data, Splash.

And I REALLY find it ironic that you acuse the right of playing the "perpetual victim-hood" card. I think you may be REALLY projecting on that one, sir.

Shadow Bear said...

hmmm. every news source??? How about these numbers as reported on Huffington Post:
Here's a roundup of reported numbers for the Glenn Beck rally:

Sky News: 500,000
NBC News: 300,000
D.C. Official: 300,000-325,000
Glenn Beck: 300,000-500,000
ABC News: 100,000+
CBS News: 87,000