Monday, October 25, 2010

Tea Party Video: I'm Voting for Liberty!

Enough said there!


Dave Dubya said...

That video is a very moving appeal to emotion over reason. I bet they are actors.

I'd also like to know just where "Liberty" is on the ballot. God help us from the gullible fools who think restoring Republican rule will be anything like liberty. We'll see even more war, torture, and violations of the Bill of Rights. We'll see even more unemployment and debt. How quickly they forget.

Most of our debt is thanks to the GOP. Remember?

The Guardians Of Plutocracy have their record to stand on. They are out to dismantle the regulatory function of government through debt and cuts. Their method is clear. Maximize the economic elite's income and corporate profits by destroying public services. Why trust them again? We've seen what the "cut taxes and spend more" crew do once they have power.

Besides, why aren't they happy to pay more taxes for our happy little credit card charged unending wars of "liberty"? If not, who will pay for them?

Where's the real responsibility?

All I know is it is not in a corporate backed tea cult. They have no answers.

Sorry, but Liberty is NOT on any ballot in the Corporate States of America. We will only see the Guardians Of Plutocracy and their junior partners, the Jellycrats. The best government money can buy.

T. Paine said...

On the contrary, Dubya, liberty is very much at stake and thus reason and emotion are very much in sync here.

The Tea Party has rejected many GOP tax and spenders and has offered up many candidates running on a spending cut platform. Indeed fiscal prudence is arguably the defining issue of the Tea Party platform.

People don't want giant corporations in control of our government any more than they want a multi-tentacled all-powerful federal government involved in our lives from the womb to the tomb.

Ron Paul is a great example of the prototypical Tea Party Candidate. He was against the Iraq war, against the stimulus package, against TARP etc.

He, like the rest of us conservatives and libertarians, expects people to exercise personal responsibility instead of having this dictated to us from some "benevolent" president from his throne in Washington D.C.

You are buying into the leftist rhetoric of what they claim the Tea Party to be and have mischaracterized it accordingly, sir.

Dave Splash said...

She's not doing anything for me. She's not me. Neither is Christine O'Donnell.

Dave Dubya said...

You mention Ron Paul. I hope you recognize the truth when he said Obama is a corporatist.

I remember Beck praising Jim Demint as "one of the good ones" at his big Tea Cult rally. Republicans are Republicans. They all work for the narrow interests of the economic elite.

You are right; people don't want giant corporations in control of our government. Please show me an example of Tea Cult ideas that would indicate that. If we follow the money, we will certainly see they have corporate sponsorship.

As we well know Democratic Administrations had the better record on debt and deficit, until the Bush Cartel did their damage. The Tea Cult may be interested in fiscal prudence, but they support the wrong politicians. They seem drawn to the most radical and out of touch candidates who want to dismantle Social Security and promote anger through “Second Amendment remedies”. If they hate democracy so much, why don’t they move to China?

What bugs me is the Right's assumption of the myth of Democratic fiscal irresponsibility and Republican responsibility. The same with the right-wing generated myth of “liberal media”. It is a reflection of ignorance and or indoctrination. We all know the names of the wacky tea cult candidates, but their opponents get no mention. Why is that? Why do we hear every Palin-the-quitter-in-lipstick tweet and nest to nothing from responsible politicians who finish their terms? Right-wing ideologues get all the attention, while the voices of reason are ignored. Do we hear one-tenth of the words of Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich as compared to Palin and O’Donnell? No, we do not. And neither of them are in office. Corporate "Liberal Media", right.

T. Paine said...

Obama is not a pure Marxist, nor is he a pure corporatist. He is pragmatic enough to strengthen elements he needs to further his agenda at the time. His ultimate goal is a more egalitarian socialist/Marxist society. If he has to grease the wheels to get to that point by using the useful and greedy idiot corporations to do so, so be it.

The genesis of the Tea Party was grass roots Americans sick of the neglect, disregard, or out right hostility most all of our legislators had toward the consent of the governed.

They no more want the corporations bailed out with our money and telling us how we are to be governed then they want an over-reaching federal government doing so.

The Tea Party wants the nation governed via the law of the land; the danged Constitution. Not corporations, not George Soros, not the Koch brothers, not an all-powerful federal government. They want a small and more nimble federal government that abides by the wisdom found in the Constitution. I would think that this would appeal to you too, Dubya, as it would most people.

Why fiscal prudence and constitutionality are demonized by the left flabbergasts me. They have evidently bought in to the lies and propaganda against the Tea Party.

The GOP did not govern so, and were rightfully thrown out of office. The Democrats were given the reigns and did what the GOP did... only on steroids. They both are responsible for the mess we are in now. This is the GOP's last chance to show that they have gotten the message that We The People have sent them. If not, they are gone again for a long time coming.

Dave Dubya said...

There you go with the right-wing "Obama the Marxist" meme. I cannot change the thinking of a true believer. I can present facts you don't like or accept.

Since you brought them up, I can show the Koch Brothers’ connection to the Tea Party.

I would never knowingly give you false information.

In October, 2009, Koch was applauding his army of Astroturf tea party organizers. Koch, who founded Americans for Prosperity with his brother David, was the guest of honor at AFP’s annual Defending the American Dream Summit.

Independent filmmaker Taki Oldham filmed Koch beaming as organizers who run AFP’s 25 state-level outposts touted their success in mobilizing dozens of tea party events across the nation:

AFP CALIFORNIA: We helped organize huge tea parties all throughout the state. And on April 15, Tax Day, over 10,000 Californians joined us on the steps of the state capital and we held one of the largest tea parties in the country. . . .

AFP MICHIGAN: … We have held the largest tea party in the state …

AFP GEORGIA: … the largest Tax Day tea party in the nation on April 15 …
AFP OKLAHOMA: … we’ve held 29 tea parties …

AFP MARYLAND: … we organized dozens of tea parties …

DAVID KOCH: This is a phenomenal success in my judgment. Eight hundred thousand activists from nothing five years ago. This is a remarkable achievement. And we’re being effective in so many ways.

See the video of this exchange:

T. Paine said...

Okay, I think I understand your point.

The difference is that the Tea Party has a vast majority of its people that are ordinary every day Americans that have heard the platform articulated and have come out because they agree with it.

They aren't the same as the typical left-wing rallies of paid protestors or bussed-in union members that are instructed to attend etc.

These are people that are there because they do believe and have chosen on their own to support the ideals espoused therein.

They are not paid, astro-turf rallies like the recent one the left organized in D.C. Therein lies the difference, my friend.

Dave Dubya said...

Well.. Therein lies the difference of perspective, my friend. :-)

T. Paine said...

I guess we can always kick back with a tumbler of Wild Turkey in hand and agree to disagree, huh? ;)

Dave Dubya said...

Now THAT I would agree with, maybe even after a little hunting or fishing, or even bird watching if no other season is open. (You may be surprised at how many of us are pro-Second Amendment.)I do love the outdoors. My guess is you do too.

Cheers, and easy on the ice.

T. Paine said...

Indeed! I do love to fish, although there has been precious little time for that in recent years. The family and I love to hike and venture about various national parks and wilderness areas too.

I would love nothing better than to retire someday in western Montana out in the mountains near a good trout stream where you can see the stars at night without light pollution from some dang city to interfere!

And easy on the ice it is! :)

Dave Dubya said...

I hear ya. Believe it or not, I had the same hopes for retirement ever since a buddy and I fished in the Gallatin back in the '70's.

My brother in law has property near the Madison. I'll need to be very nice to him.