Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

I am always impressed by the creative and artistic talents some people possess.  (Particularly because I don't have any such talents.)  That being said, I thought I would post some of what I thought were the most impressive pumpkin carvings I came across on the Internet.  Happy Halloween everybody!

I thought the intricacies of this one were amazing.

I thought that this might be what Harry Reid feels like come this Wednesday morning!

Not a typical Halloween motif, but I found it to be very clever and well done.

The force was strong with this carver!

This one just made me chuckle.  Sometimes I feel like that little jack-o-lantern!

This one of the Predator is amazing in its detailed work!

Beautiful!  Here kitty kitty!


Here's hoping you all have a scary, fun, and safe Halloween!


J. Marquis said...

Very cool.

Annie said...

Mine always turn out like this. Don't yours?

Dave Splash said...

Very good work. Better than any I saw around here.