Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Rally Shows Communist and Socialist Supporters

This last Saturday October 2nd, was the "One Nation" rally in Washington DC.  It was supposed to be a show of union and community support for the president and the Democratic Party and to be a contrast, if not opposition to Glenn Beck's highly successful Restoring Honor rally back on August 28th.

What the One Nation rally did show, as we have known all along, is that a vast segment of Obama's most ardent supporters are indeed self-avowed communists and socialists.  This time though they were brave enough to be out in the open about it and declare whom they truly are.

Indeed many of these union supporters were actually told that they must attend the rally by union bosses.  Rather than a grass roots public support for Obama and his less-than-American agenda, many of the folks that attended this rally were there because the unions and other socialistic groups mandated that they had to be there. 

The result is that the true support for President Obama and his progressive policies could not garner honest grass roots numbers anywhere near the amount of those folks that want to restore rather than transform America.

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