Wednesday, October 6, 2010

President Obama's Obsession with the Links While the Media Yawns

It would seem that President Obama truly loves the game of golf and avails himself of the chance to play every opportunity that comes along.  Now I don't necessarily begrudge the President a little downtime for some relaxation.  I cannot even fathom how stressful the job of President must be, and playing a round of golf seems like a good way to unwind accordingly.

What irritates me is the fact that the mainstream media with its pernicious double standards lambasted President Bush for all of the time he spent out on the links.  They used Bush's golf outings as "proof" that Bush was a "callow, lazy, rich boy" who was insensitive towards the rest of Americans.  President Bush then ended his golf outings "out of respect for the families of Americans killed in Iraq" according to Keith Koffler on

The problem is that President Obama has played at least 49 rounds of golf since having taken office through the end of this September. (21 months for those of you counting.)  President Bush had 24 outings in his entire eight years in office.  When one adds to his dozens of golf outings all of the concerts, vacations, and gala events that President Obama has hosted or attended, it seems like perhaps being president really isn't all that stressful after all.

Where is the media outrage aimed at President Obama, particularly in light of the dire economic conditions that his policies have greatly exacerbated, and such tragedies as the gulf oil spill?  Shouldn't he be held to the same standard that President Bush was?  Shouldn't he have respect for the hundreds of millions of American suffering in our country, instead of hitting the links for another round of golf?  The silence, while not unexpected, is still quite deafening.

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