Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama Tells Latinos to ‘Punish Our Enemies’ on Election Day

This statement from President Obama is both quite illuminating into his mindset and stunningly incredible as far as his audacity.  In this audio clip Obama tries to persuade Latinos in a Univision appearance to get out and vote for Democrats so that they can retain control of congress and continue his socialistic agenda. 

That in itself is fine and expected for a politician.  What is amazing is his characterization of those that disagree with his agenda.  In other words, conservatives.  Obama says, "If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, 'We're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends...' " then he will not be able to continue on his path towards Marxism.

President Obama evidently sees a huge portion of the American populace not as those that simply have a different political philosophy but as "enemies" that must be thwarted and overcome.  It almost seems that there is a tone of regret in his voice in this clip when he says he is not a king, as then he really could rule with impudent dictate and not need congressional approval for his dangerously un-American policies that we "enemies" refuse to endorse.

Again, I find this attitude to be incongruent with Obama's campaign rhetoric where he promised to be a President for "all Americans" and would be post-racial and post-partisan.  Instead he seems to have inflamed tensions and has proven to be hyper-racial and uber-partisan throughout his first two years in office, as indicated yet again by his characterization of half of the country as "enemies".  Shame on you, Mr. President!  You are our President for all Americans and you should start behaving as such!


Dave Splash said...

Fascinating. You guys relentlessly attack the president for two years, calling him every name in the book, openly wish him to fail, bring guns to town hall meetings, question his eligibility to serve, filibuster over 125 bills, vote "no" in unison on nearly everything in the House, state that the #1 goal of the next two years is to make him a one term president, and then you attack him for calling you out on it?

Truly amazing. What would the GOP have to do be considered "uber partisan" in your book?

T. Paine said...

Dave, in the beginning of his presidency, Obama came sweeping in on an overwhelming tide of "hope and change". He squandered that momentum, alienated conservatives, engaged in racial nonsense, and ruined any chance of uniting the country accordingly.

It was months afterwards when the right realized they were not going to get a place at the table of governance and that they were to be completely ostracized that they decided to become uber-partisan themselves.

Obama is reaping what he has sown.

But then he NEVER has reached across the aisle in compromise anyway. He expects others to reach across towards him though.

Dave Splash said...

"engaged in racial nonsense" - please define. It was Glenn Beck that called Obama a racist, it was tea partiers who held racist signs at rallies, it was a Republican House member who called him "uppity." That's not racial nonsense?

Moving on...so, right after the election (which he did win convincingly) why wasn't it incumbent on the right to try and work with him? He ran on change. We got it. But the message was not received on the right. You don't tell the winner of an election that they need to adopt the policies of the loser, do you?

Are you telling me that you think the Republicans (assuming they win next week) should, first and foremost, adopt the ideas of the Democrats? Since I know you will say no, it seems to me that you will have defeated your own argument.

January 29,2009 was the first meeting between Obama and the Republican leadership. Hours before that meeting, John Boehner said to the media that he told his caucus they had to unanimously vote "no" on any Obama bill. He said this before he had any meetings, Paine.

Are you saying there was a legitimate effort on the part of the GOP to "reach across the aisle"? Because they refused to cooperate, then it's Obama's fault for their refusal? How exactly does that work.

In the 2006 and 2008 elections, the American people kicked out Republicans and rejected their ideas. Yet, according to you, it was incumbent upon the Democrats to utilize those rejected ideas, in full, or they are being "uber partisan."

I'm waiting to see your post telling the GOP to adopt cap & trade, further stimulus, and to push toward single payer health care. You need to be consistent, Paine.

T. Paine said...

Racial nonsense: Obama's Dept of Justice rejecting any voter intimidation when it was black on white crime.

Or how about the oft-awarded diversity training police officer "acted stupidly" towards Obama's black professor friend that refused to show his ID that he actually lived in the house he was seen breaking into.

As far as winning the election, you are correct. The Democrats did win. They said that they were going to be civil and allow debate on legislation and amendments to be offered, unlike those "rascally Republicans" would do, and it was all supposed to be televised for the public to see on C-Span. NONE of it ever happened.

Like Obama, the left's idea of compromise is for the right to come to their side of the table. So be it. They won. It is their agenda. They enacted most of it with very little, if any GOP support. The public hates what has been done and has rejected their policies accordingly.

The GOP had governed as idiots and spent like Democrats. The Tea Party came into being and said NO MORE. They ran conservative candidates, won a few primaries, and sent a loud message that when the GOP takes the reigns of the House, and maybe Senate, in one week that they better govern as constitutional conservatives or they will be thrown out in 2012 too. And they will be, if such is the case... right along with the annointed one and his myriads of czars and incompetent cabinet members.

Obama is way over his head. He has bankrupted our country nearly, made the world a HELL of a lot more precarious and dangerous for freedom and liberty, pissed off our allies, emboldened our enemies, ignored our constitution, federalized private property, bailed out crooked corporatists, mandated that we purchase health insurance while ensuring that our health system will degrade and become more expensive, and enriched his puppet master Soros.

Twenty years from now, history will place him along with Hoover and Carter as one of the worst presidents our nation has ever had.

Dave Splash said...

If I watched Fox, I guess I'd agree with all of those dubious assertions. Thankfully, I start my day with reality.

Funny how it's only "voter intimidation" when black people are supposedly the ones doing it. When white thugs decide to be "polling monitors" in minority neighborhoods, hover over voters inside the polling place, and take pictures of voters and their cars (as they are currently doing in Texas), it's just...what? Freedom? Where is the outrage on the right?

The "new black panther party" is two idiots who didn't intimidate anyone (except those without their unique sense of style), yet the GOP is preparing for hearings on that non-issue. I think that would be an example of the right engaging in "racial nonsense," if there ever was one.

Next time the police try to arrest you for being in your own home, I sure hope you are as generous with your (what would be justifiable) anger toward the police as you demand a distinguished, African-American professor be. The cops did act stupidly. Was it smart to continue to harass the man after they knew he wasn't a criminal?

T. Paine said...

Dave, if the events you describe are actually happening in Texas, then those men too should absolutely be arrested and charged accordingly.

I guess you are just tougher than I am because despite my 6' 240 pound frame, I would be a little intimidated by those two black panther men standing there with their night sticks at the polling station. I can just imagine the effect they might have on some little ol' lady.

Lastly, if I had forgotten my key and had to break into my home and the cops arrived, I would show them my license proving it was my home and then thank them for coming to check on a potential criminal. I would NOT berate them, refuse to show ID, and then say that they were picking on me simply because of my color. On this issue, Obama and the professor were both hyper-racial fools.

Anonymous said...

The lack of reality is present in your responses to Dave. It amazes me that you are so sheltered in your beliefs that you don't watch what is happening in real life. Obama has given you more tax cuts than in president in 100 years. He has regrown the economy and helped start the process of saving jobs and you call him a crook. He is saving us from the mistakes of the 8 years we suffered through poor decisions made by conservatives. Now you want to back in the same group of people that got us here, mind you the tea party doesnt exist in terms of voting, once they get in the door they swing right back to party lines. Im sad your blind to the realities of the mess our country is in. History one day will show Obama for trying to make change, even bowing down to GOP pressure to be partisan but being blocked everytime it wasnt the GOP bill to the T. The man cant create change without help from both sides and if the GOP wants to be so stubborn because of their massive losses last election so be it, but dont blame obama when the GOP are the ones failing this country. As a last note, I realize nothing I say will sway your point of view, I try to be open to dicourse and understand your side but your inability to make a rational reason behind your statements makes it clear you will never be open to change and are the type of person this government is trying to work with and failing because of your lack of respect for altering views. Good luck to you sir.

Fan of We The People said...

I like your site and I like how you say things. I think it's funny you try to debate with Dave with truth and logic....but they can't hear you...pretty typical. Remember we have to "pass the bill so we can see what's in it" and all the other craziness that has been handed to us. Keep up the good work of telling the truth. YOU ARE AWESOME

T. Paine said...

Anonymous, not surprisingly I respectfully disagree with nearly everything you wrote.

While my taxes have not gone up significantly yet, how can you honestly say that President Obama has cut taxes moreso than anyone in a century? That just isnt' so. Heck, that isn't even true in the last three decades. Reagan and George W. Bush cut taxes for the average American far more than Obama has done. Please cite for me how Obama has done this otherwise.

Further, seemingly with Democrats and Obama's blessing, they are going to create a defacto tax INCREASE for all Americans when they let the Bush tax cuts expire in two months.

Further yet, his stimulus package etc have created some new jobs; however, most of these are NOT in the private sector and are therefore dependent upon tax payer dollars for these people's salaries. In other words, they are adding to our national debt.

His policies, he assured us, would keep unemployment below 8%. Instead we have had around 10% unemployment for a year or better. Indeed the actual unemployment number is estimated around 17.6% because many folks have simply given up looking for work and are no longer counted in the statistics accordingly.

I do agree that the Republicans and Bush got us into deeper trouble economically because domestically they governed and spent money like progressives.

That is what gave rise to the Tea Party and the throwing out of many progressive GOP members this year. If the Republicans have gotten our message and learned their lesson as they claim, things will not go back to the way they were. If not, they will be thrown out in 2012 and the GOP will be dead for a generation along with the Democrats. Strong third parties will rise and become viable accordingly. We The People are sick of the nonsense from both major parties.

Lastly, the Democrats had complete control of the House, Senate, and Executive Branch. They did not need one GOP vote to pass much of their agenda, and indeed passed the unconstitutional health care bill precisely on party lines. This mess is absolutely the responsibility of the Democrats and America knows it. That is why next Tuesday will have the outcome it is going to have.

That being said, I appreciate your comments and hope you will stop by with facts to back up your assertions in the future.

As for FAN, I greatly appreciate your kind comments. Welcome aboard and I hope you return often. God knows I can use the help in trying to set straight our misguided and misinformed friends on the far left! :)

Dave Dubya said...

The fact that 300 Billion of the Stimulus was tax cuts is proof of Obama's efforts to compromise. He was rebuffed anyway because that was the Republican plan all along.

So much for uber-partisan. And about that hyper-racial accusation with the Gates story. Here's the truth.

Here’s what really happened.

A neighbor saw Gates attempting to push the door open, called the police and reported a possible B and E. She mentioned in her call that the guy had luggage and may even live there.

Sgt. Crowley arrived to save the day. Soon professor Gates was placed in handcuffs, arrested and carted off to jail. So, what’s the big deal? Nothing stupid was done, right? Wrong.

Yes, Gates did get upset and he made some remarks like the cop not knowing who he was “messing with”.
I read the officers’ report and learned that Gates presented ID after the officer had entered the house. Crowley stated Gates “appeared to be a resident but was uncooperative”. Gates was indignant and annoyed about the cop’s intrusiveness. Crowley asked Gates to “step out onto the porch and speak to me”. That’s a smart way to calm someone down, right?

Crowley reported he was “led to believe Gates was lawfully in the residence”. Then as Crowley was leaving the residence he told Gates he would, “speak with him outside.” So Crowley was followed out onto the porch.

Professor Gates was then arrested for “exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior.” Yes, although ill from a virus, Gates was stupid to react angrily. But Crowly was no better. In fact he carried the weapon and had the power of law enforcement authority. It was his professional responsibility to have self control. His job was to serve and protect the Professor, not challenge him.

I have 25 years of experience in a maximum security environment. I have been in many situations that required an even temperament to prevent people from getting hurt. After reading the cops’ report, I see this could be a good teaching case for officers to learn about unnecessary escalation of an incident.

Crowley certainly could have been more professional about this. It was obvious that these were not young thugs attempting a B and E. The “step outside” line could have been regarded as over-reaching and even threatening. The situation could have been de-escalated if the cop had a cooler head. After the cop knew Gates lived there, it was the officers’ presence that escalated the situation. Crowley should have left the scene.

Instead Crowly stupidly wasted taxpayer money and law enforcement resources on a pissing contest.

I have told you this before. You can check the police report and see I am telling you the truth.