Monday, July 19, 2010

Glenn Beck's American Revival Tour Was Inspirational

I had the privilege to go see Glenn Beck’s American Revival Tour this last Saturday and found it to be amazing, sobering, heart-felt, and inspirational all at the same time. It is a shame that this was the final one of these events, as I would have highly recommended it to anyone and everyone that loves our nation and understands its exceptionalism to go see it. If, by chance, Glenn deems to do more of these shows in the future and one comes close to where you live, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed in the time and money spent to attend it.

The event started at 10:30 and ended around 5:00 PM. Believe me; the time went by exceedingly fast and was well worth the expenditure.

The event was divided into three main parts.

The first was on faith and its place in the founding of our nation as the very cornerstone of its existence. David Barton was the speaker and was absolutely fantastic. His knowledge on our history is unsurpassed by anyone I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is intrepid in his studies and actually owns many documents, including Bibles, that were written, produced, or owned by many of our founding fathers. His research into history is based on the original documents themselves and is not derived second-hand from the works of revisionist “scholars”. He did a masterful job of proving beyond a doubt that our founders absolutely established our country and intended its governance to be based on Judeo-Christian values. Our founders understood that our rights as men and women come from God and that the purpose, the ONLY purpose, of government is to protect those rights. Today it would seem that most people think that the government is the arbiter and granter of rights and that God is something personal and not to be spoken of in public. Hence the reason why we must restore our history and not reform our nation into something unrecognizable from what our founders intended.

The second part was conducted by David Buckner and involved the importance of maintaining our liberties and freedoms through our free-market economy. He masterfully illustrated how we came off the track with our economic policies enacted by multiple administrations and how that track is not only unsustainable, but is ruinous to our nation. Further, there is little time left, if any, to reverse this course down which we are traveling.  Indeed, spending must be cut NOW!

The third part of the event was hosted by Judge Napolitano and dealt with our rights and laws as enumerated in the Constitution. I had previously taken Judge Napolitano to be a conservative in nature, and indeed he is, but he also has a very large libertarian streak to his ideology regarding our Constitutional law that is impossible with which to argue. He laid blame for transgressors of the Constitution where appropriate too, from George W. Bush to Barack Hussein Obama.  He also reiterated how our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written so as to establish a nation that that acknowledged our dependence on God for our natural rights which are Divinely bestowed.

Finally, interspersed between the sections and as the key note speaker, Glenn Beck tied everything together in a wonderful and inspiring fashion. Contrary to what most progressives will say, including the half a dozen protesters outside that admitted they had not read his books or listened to his shows, this was not a Tea Party Rally, or a GOP fundraiser, or a political function per se at all. Rather, this was an event that warns us Americans what we have lost and are in danger of losing forever, and an inspiring event that tells of our peoples' exceptionalism, our nation’s exceptionalism and how we can and will overcome this gargantuan crisis of liberty our nation faces today. It was an event which served the purpose of hopefully being a catalyst for restoring America.

I found myself to be thoroughly engaged and revitalized so as to continue fighting for our country in what small way I am able. I am ever so grateful to Mr. Beck for his caring enough about our country to put together such a show and tour to awaken people to the dangers we face so that we may restore our nation to the greatness our founders envisioned as One Nation Under God!


lisa said...

Great Post thank you for sharing. The left diminishes Glenn Beck but he speaks the truth and is very knowledgeableActuallyknowledgeable that's what bothers them.
I have to make a point of attending if it comes my way to NY.
Actually I think it already did . But I have to find out for sure.

T. Paine said...

Sad to say, but the Salt Lake event was his last one he has scheduled to do.

If he does decide to do more in the future, and you are able to attend, I am sure you will get a lot out of it, ma'am!