Friday, July 30, 2010

The Wedding Disparity

Remember the liberal media uproar when President Bush's daughter, Jenna, got married back in May of 2008?  The Press were collectively horrified at the exorbitant cost of $100,000 for her private wedding at the Bush family's Crawford, Texas ranch.

Fast forward two years and now, the day before Chelsea Clinton's wedding on July 31st, the same media is all aglow about the wedding of President Clinton's daughter in the small "picturesque town" of Rhinebeck, New York.

 The difference is that Chelsea's wedding is purported to cost somewhere between 2 to 5 MILLION dollars, with a probable price tag being $3.2 million.  Further, all of the beautiful people are invited, including Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand.

Diane Dimond, of "Entertainment Tonight" was even quoted as saying, "There are porcelain port-a-potties. ... And they will be piping music in."  It would indeed seem that no expense was overlooked for the Clinton nuptial ceremony.

Of course the Clintons can spend their money anyway they see fit.  That is not the point, but rather the double standard of how the media reports the comparatively modest expense for a Republican's daughter's wedding as opposed to the largess being spent by a Democrat for his daughter's wedding, with nary a negative word from the press on the latter. 

And I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the party for the "rich"?  Hmmm....


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Dave Splash said...

I don't remember any outrage about the Bush wedding. The daily outrage thing is all you guys. But, maybe a difference might be that Bush was president at the time and therefore has everything he does under increased scrutiny. Clinton is an ex-president, 10 years out of office. The situations are not parallel. But who cares anyway.