Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago AGAIN Restricts Citizens' 2nd Amendment Rights Four Days After SCOTUS Decsion

The United States Supreme Court just struck down a nearly 30 year-long ban on handgun ownership in Chicago with its decision in the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. Four days after this ruling on July 2nd, the City of Chicago passed a new hand-gun law entitled the “Responsible Gun Ownership Ordinance” which includes such provisions within it as a ban on all gun sales within the city limits; a ban on the possession of firearms for self-defense outside the “home” which would include even having a gun on one’s own patio or garage; a ban on having more than one assembled and operable gun in the home; a provision that would allow the Chicago police to arbitrarily ban any handguns they deem to be “unsafe” based on a nearly unlimited number of criteria; and a training requirement to obtain a firearm permit from the city. (This is especially ironic, as any training on a range would now be impossible since it will now be unlawful to operate a shooting range within the city limits.)

So after the Supreme Court just invalidated the draconian hand gun ban in Chicago and specifically stated that its residents had a right to own hand guns, Chicago has flaunted the decision by further restricting citizens’ second amendment Constitutional rights. This is a fact of which the city of Chicago seems to be very proud as the top attorney for the city, Mara Georges, stated “We’ve gone farther than anyone else ever has.” The zealous curtailing of our rights should be a source of shame for these people rather than a celebratory moment. Evidently it is only acceptable that the criminal class should be able to be armed in the city of Chicago.

Luckily, the National Rifle Association has already filed suit on July 6th against the City of Chicago and its mayor, Richard Daley, in Benson v. City of Chicago in order to enforce the Supreme Court’s decision already made in the McDonald v. City of Chicago case. It would seem that the burden of this is with the city of Chicago, as the SCOTUS has already in essence ruled to this effect that the city of Chicago is in  violation of Constitutional law.

 It is a sad that the mayor and city council of Chicago see fit to ignore such Constitutional rulings. If the good citizens don’t vote to remove these freedom stealing bureaucrats from office, the federal government should step in to ensure that the Supreme Court’s decision on the peoples’ rights to arm themselves is protected and enforced accordingly. Of course, under President Obama’s administration and with his current attorney general, Eric Holder, at the helm of ensuring such laws are enforced, I would not expect to see this done until a new administration is sworn into office in January of 2013. Hope and change, folks!

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