Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michelle Obama's Speech on Changing America's History and Traditions

The first lady, Michelle Obama, in an unguarded moment of candor during the 2008 presidential campaign in a speech given in San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 14, 2008, admitted that, " Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children." (emphasis mine)

The fact that this speech wasn't picked up by the news, or used by McCain in the campaign only further goes to show the ineptitude of the GOP. Obama told us he wanted to "transform" our country, and indeed has begun the horrible process of doing so.

He has spent or budgeted to spend more money than that of all of the preceding 43 presidential administrations in the history of our country before him. He has ignored the Constitution whenever it was inconvenient to his plans and has passed a Goliathan health care plan that will not withstand a constitutional challenge that has already been issued against it in court. He refuses to enforce our borders. He has appointed scores of un-elected and unaccountable policy czars that report only to him and bypass many of the functions of his cabinet and congress. He has been corrupt in his Chicago-style politics of strong-arming elections and offering quid-pro-quo's to people whom he doesn't want challenging other more liberal Democrats in primary elections, and he has been aloof at best to our friends and allies (if not outright rude) while making huge overtures to our enemies.

Obama has indeed been on a course to change our traditions and re-write our American history. He is a disgrace to the office in which he was elected. Originally I thought this man was well-intentioned but misguided. The more he does though, the more apparent it is that this man wants to not only "change" American history, he wants to create a climate where there will never be another "American Century" of our country at the apex of the world's nations; a country that is an inspiration and beacon of freedom and liberty to all others. He wants an America that is un-exceptional and broken; just one more nation amongst the hundreds of others in the world.

I far prefer true history and our wonderful American traditions. That is not the kind of hope and change that most Americans thought they would be getting with this pompous and dangerous man as president. It is absolutely critical that conservatives take both the House and Senate this November in order to minimize the damage that this man intends to further do. The consequences otherwise, will be an America who's history and traditions are ones which we Americans won't even recognize.

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