Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama Further Endangers America with Concessions on START Treaty

Trevor Loudon over at New Zeal wrote an exceptionally good posting on the new START arms control treaty that President Obama has been capitulating over with the Russians in the seeming attempt to unilaterally disarm and further weaken our nation.  It is sad and infuriating that this has gotten scant attention by the regular main stream media outlets, but hardly surprising.  This is one more example of why President Obama with his ill-conceived anti-American policies needs to have his congressional support decimated in the November elections so that this foolish and arrogant man can do nothing more other than have his backside warm his chair in the oval office until he can similarly be sent packing in November of 2012.  Anyway, please take the time to read this excellent posting by Mr. Loudon at this link.

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