Thursday, July 15, 2010

Economist Harry Dent Predicts Sharp Downturns in the Dow

"There was a steep drop, then a tremendous resurgence in the markets. Was that it? Is the pullback over? Don't bet on it! Forecaster Harry Dent gives you an update on his research as to where we go from here, including a look at the equity markets and real estate. Find out what Harry Dent sees waiting just ahead as we go through the rest of July and August. In addition to this video update, Harry is making available his special report, The Debt Crisis of late 2010 -- 2012 for free by visiting

The Dent Method, developed by company Founder and economic expert Harry S. Dent, Jr. in the late 1980’s, is a long term economic forecasting technique based on the study of and changes in demographic trends and their impact on our economy. It works by showing how predictable consumer spending patterns combined with demographic trends allow us to forecast the economy years or even decades in advance."

The Dent Method is the only documented record of success at forecasting long term economic trends.

Mr. Dent warns in his video that the surge in the Dow is about done and the next huge drop is coming very soon. His forecasting predicts that the Dow will again sink to 8100 to 8200 by the end of August and has the potential to be as low as 3400 to 3800 by the end of this year.

There are multiple factors that make our anemic and volatile economy suspect.  Mr. Dent states that Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and not buying houses or cars as they enter retirement. This is a huge percentage of the population that is no longer contributing in large part to the manufacturing or housing industries in our country.  Further, the Cash for Clunkers program was successful during its course, but automobile sales returned right to where they were after this targeted stimulus program expired. With the pending expiration of the Bush tax cuts, additional taxes from Obamacare, and potentially huge taxation from the Cap and Trade legislation being bandied about in the senate, the long term financial outlook for our economy and the stock market are looking bleak right now.  See the video for more specifics:

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