Friday, July 16, 2010

Mapping Out The Path of Our National Unemployment

The following map shows the degradation of the local unemployment rate by county for the entire country based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics from January of 2007 when unemployment was at 4.6% nationally until May of 2010 when the rate was 9.7% nationally.

This is what the economic policies of Keynesian economics and spending money we do not have has wrought for our nation.  It is a problem that has been exacerbated by presidential administrations and congressional leadership of both political parties.  It has to stop NOW!

The nearly $1 trillion stimulus package that President Obama warned us was absolutely critical that we pass in order to keep the national unemployment rate from exceeding 8% was a bust.  Most people familiar with even basic economics could tell you that this plan would not prevent the further loss of jobs that has indeed come to fruition. 

I find it sadly amusing that in the east, one of the few spots that has the best unemployment rate in the end of the presentation is the area in northern Virginia.  Washington D.C.  In other words, many of the few jobs that have been saved or created have been governmental jobs; jobs that are paid for with tax-payer money;  Money of which there is considerably less of because there are less people working and paying income taxes now.

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