Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The DREAM Act Amnesty Bill To Be Brought Up For Vote In Lame Duck Senate

The so-called DREAM Act (The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) was originally an amendment attached to the Defense Authorization Act that the Republicans were able to successfully thwart passage of previously.  Now Harry Reid is promising to bring up the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill in the Senate in a lame duck session of congress as early as next Monday.  This bill has already met with successful passage in the House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi's leadership there.

Reid and the Democrats realize that this is likely their only remaining opportunity to pass this type of amnesty legislation before the Republicans take control of the House and narrow the Democrats' majority in the senate to near parity with the convening of the 112th congress this coming January. 

The DREAM Act, which was originally proposed by Republican Senator Orin Hatch of Utah and Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois, is little more than an amnesty package that covers illegal alien "children" up to 35 years of age.  It would effectively grant amnesty to these illegal aliens who have either graduated from high school, earned their GED, or served in the U.S. military well into their adulthood.

Personally, I oppose Harry Reid’s desperate attempt to pass his backdoor amnesty plan during the Lame Duck session of Congress.  The DREAM Act is little more than an educational initiative that would allow millions of illegal aliens who meet a very loose definition of the term ‘student’ to qualify for green cards.  Additionally, the DREAM Act would funnel taxpayer monies away from legal residents and into the pockets of illegal aliens. 

Already in my current state of Utah, illegal aliens are granted in-state tuition rates for college education.  I find this to be ludicrous.  A United States citizen living right across the border in Idaho would have to pay out-of-state tuition, but someone that is not even in the country legally gets the same benefits as an American citizen and legal resident of the state of Utah.  Now with the possible passage of the DREAM Act, not only will illegal aliens get in-state tuition, but will be granted green cards with a path to citizenship. 

This is absolutely preposterous and it is such concern for illegal aliens at the expense of Americans that has precipitated a lot of resentment from a large majority of the American populace.  This disregard for doing the will of the American people is also the exact reason why Senator Hatch's colleague from Utah, Senator Bennett, was beaten in a GOP primary earlier this year and is slated to be replaced by conservative Senator-elect Mike Lee.  Senator Hatch, with his similar disregard, has similarly been put on notice that he likely will be challenged for his seat in 2012 accordingly. 

According to Grassfire Nation, a grass roots conservative organization that fights to protect our Constitutional rights, has stated that their  contacts suggest that there are a number of Republican fence sitters who haven't yet committed their voting intentions on the DREAM Act.  Unfortunately, they did not identify who these specific senators were.  I would strongly encourage everyone to contact your own two senators and ensure that they do not vote for passage of this backdoor amnesty bill accordingly.  If passed, the DREAM Act will be little more than the proverbial camel's nose under the tent wall.  The next resulting action will be a herd of camels in our American tent.

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