Wednesday, November 17, 2010

111 Health Care Waivers Handed Out by Obama Whitehouse

It would seem that the new Obamacare act, which was sold to America as being necessary to help us little guys by reducing health care costs, and the uninsured by bringing them into the fold where they would finally have coverage is once again being "modified".  That modification takes the form of 111 waivers being granted to entities that will not have to abide by the dictates of this unfair, exorbitantly expensive, and unconstitutional law.  They will in fact be exempted.

Of these entities being granted waivers, all of them are huge corporations such as McDonalds and Jack in the Box, or similarly large unions.  It would seem that what congress expects us individuals and the small mom & pop businesses to abide by is not going to be mandated for some of our largest American companies and biggest unions.  Never mind the fact that congress exempted itself from being covered by the Obamacare act from the very beginning.

So evidently, what was theoretically purported to "help" the poor and average American will indeed create shortages in care and rising prices accordingly, while some of our biggest companies and labor unions will be exempted from the egregious costs of having to comply with this law.  This strikes me of being further incontrovertible proof that the notion of the Democratic Party looking out for the average working man is indeed a dead concept, along with the idea of fairness under the law.

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