Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Anti-Semitic United Nations Seeks to Erase Jewish History in Israel

The United Nations has once again reared its anti-Semitic head.  This inept and corrupt organization has long been nothing more but a platform for anti-Semetic nations to spew their hatred for America and for Israel, in particular.  America should have long ago resigned from this useless and dangerous world governance body.  Former American Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, was correct when he said that the top five floors of the UN building in New York could be removed and the world would not know the difference.  Now, once again, the UN, through its UN Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's, (UNESCO)  has absurdly attacked the very fabric of Jewish culture which is at the soul of Israel.

The Executive Board of UNESCO has declared 2 of Judaism's holiest sites (The Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Tomb of Rachel) to be mosques and demand that Israel remove the sites from its National Heritage list.

In an effort to erase Jewish history and supersede Jewish religious sites with Islamic institutions, Muslims have intentionally built mosques upon numerous synagogues and Jewish holy sites.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office decried the ludicrous nature of the UNESCO decision:

“The attempt to detach the Nation of Israel from its heritage is absurd. If the nearly 4,000-year-old burial sites of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish Nation – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah –are not part of its culture and tradition, then what is a national cultural site?”

In cooperating with efforts to erase Jewish historical ties to Israel , UNESCO is aiding and abetting those who hope to and obfuscate Israel ’s Jewish past and undermine Israel ’s Jewish future.

I strongly encourage you to please sign the petition  below to let UNESCO know that this is absurd and will not stand.

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