Monday, November 8, 2010

Gov. Christie Explains Why Economy Must Have Continued Stability of Bush Tax Cuts

I know that New Jersey Governor Christie has ruled out running for president in 2012, but I sure hope there is some way to draft him and convince him otherwise.  His toughness and common sense are precisely what we need to restore America.


Dave Splash said...

Except Christie is one of those conservatives who want to ignore the 20th century and all the good that public works projects have done for America. He just canceled a massive tunnel project from New Jersey to New York which is desperately needed. But, Christie would rather give tax cuts to millionaires who are not providing jobs to anyone, and exasperate the deficit.

Sounds "tough" to me. I will say this about the man, he is certainly less grating to listen to than Sarah Palin, he speaks English like it is his first language (not the awkward and confused way George W used to talk), and he is not afraid to talk to other media sources besides Fox News.

T. Paine said...

Christie understands that raising taxes on anyone right now in this economy would be disastrous. He is cutting spending on projects, like the tunnel, that he does not have the money for. In other words, even though he sees the need, he understands that he cannot pay for it.

Now if only Obama and the Democrats would pay as they go too, we'd be far better off and in less debt.

Dave Splash said...

Right, except what about all the money already spent on the project? How many millions/billions are now just being ignored or flushed away. Christie strikes me as the type of guy who would have canceled the first transcontinental railroad with it half way complete. Total short term, small picture thinking. Perfect for a Republican presidential candidate.

Dave Splash said...

I guess all this "fiscal discipline" didn't apply to Mr. Christie when he was a US Attorney. A new Inspector General report shows that as US attorney, Christie frequently spent excessively on travel (see here - Christie is referred to as "US Attny C").

"In terms of the percentage of travel, U.S. Attorney C was the U.S. Attorney who most often exceeded the government rate without adequate justification," the report found. "The U.S. Attorney provided insufficient, inaccurate, or no justification for 14 of 23 trips (61 percent) that exceeded the government rate."

I'm sure he had good reasons though. Maybe he had to pay for two seats on the plane. I know that's mean, but these are the times we live in.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Dave is living off the government teat in some way! It is always nice to have a positive balance when someone else is giving you the money.

Dave your economics suck! Inflationary spending is called inflationary spending because it causes inflation!! Your dollar and mine, will be worth less, the more the print to pay for projects with red ink.

Typical democratic. The only long term you see is RED, and you could careless if your kids or grand kids check books you steal it from!!