Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Mid-Term Elections: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, as expected, Tuesday was indeed a great day for the Republicans.  And, of course, I must do an obligatory posting on the outcome of these critical mid-term elections.  My expectations are, with the GOP in control of the House and the Senate still amazingly being under the cynical governance of Harry Reid, is that there is likely to be darned little legislation either passed or repealed for the next two years.  GOOD!  A little grid-lock that creates some predictability may very well be just what the doctor ordered to give our businesses a break so that they can perhaps plan, budget, and maybe even hire a worker or two again.

All that being said, here are my takes on what went right and what went wrong yesterday.

Senate Races

Mark Rubio (R-FL) defeated the inconsequential Meeks and more importantly the ultra-flexible and integrity-devoid Charlie Crist.  Rubio really seems to get America and its greatness.  His political career is limited only by himself!

Boozeman (R-AR) defeated Blanche Lincoln largely because of her pernicious accepting of taxpayers' money for her state in order to secure her vote for Obma's un-constitutional health care law.  There are indeed consequences for your actions, Former-Senator-to-be Lincoln.

Toomey (R-PA) defeated Joe Sestak, who was offered a job by the Obama Whitehouse via President Clinton if he would stand down in the primary so that turn-coat Arlen Specter could win the Democratic nomination and theoretically be more competitive in this senatorial election.  I've got news for you folks; Specter's defeat, had he won the primary, would have been by an even greater margin than Sestak's.

Kirk (R-IL) won the senate seat that used to be occupied by President Obama.  Enough said there


Harry Reid (D-NV) as, I already stated, narrowly and inexplicably won re-election and will remain the Senate Majority leader.  The only up side to this, is that had he lost, Chuck Schumer would have likely been his replacement.

Barbara Boxer (D-CA) won re-election over Carly Fiorina.  I guess this just goes to show that Californians are either ignorant or just don't mind being represented by this boorish and arrogant socialist.

Murkowski (write-in, AK) looks to have likely have won the three-way race for senate, despite her having been defeated for the GOP nomination in the primary and thus prompting her to run a perhaps successful write-in campaign.  Her refusal to accept defeat and insistence on holding on to "her senate seat" is precisely the kind of spoiled and arrogant political nonsense that we had hoped to purge.  Alaskans, what are you thinking here?

House of Representatives Races

Alan West (R-FL) won election and is a exceptionally smart man of honor and integrity.  He too will be a rising star in conservative politics for years to come!

Daniel Webster (R-FL) defeated the incumbent Grayson who had been a progressive firebrand who was quite accustomed to hyperbole, mischaracterizations, and out-right lies toward the GOP and his opponent over the past few years.  His brand of vile politics is not needed and thankfully will no longer be spouted by him on the floor of the Senate ever again.


Barney Frank (D-MA) won re-election.  This outcome is truly sad and does not speak well to the character of a majority of his constituents.  Frank's dishonesty and culpability particularly with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac GSE's collapse that was the catalyst of the housing collapse should have been impeached along with his senatorial cohort in crime, Chris Dodd.  Putting this man back in office, despite his intransigence, is disgraceful.

Gubernatorial Races

John Kasich (R-OH) returned control of the state to the GOP despite nearly a dozen visits by the Obama Whitehouse in support of his opponent Strickland.  Ohio went for Obama in 2008 and this dramatic turn here does not bode well for Obama's re-election in 2012.


Jerry Brown (D-CA) won the governorship here despite the fact that many of California's ills today can be traced back to their genesis with his horrible stewardship of the state when he was governor decades ago.  He admitted that he had no plan back then and yet Californians returned him to the governor's mansion.  My best advice here is to build a border fence around the state and ensure that the federal government absolutely under no circumstances bails out California in their impending bankruptcy which his election will only hasten.

There are still some races too close to call at this point, but overall, the country now has a chance to be restored.  We will be watching closely to ensure that this is what is done by our newly elected officials.

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