Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats' Many Ethics Violations Have Caused Failure to "Drain the Swamp"

"Drain the swamp means to turn this congress into the most honest and open congress in history.  That is my pledge.  That is what I intend to do," so said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi upon the Democrats' recovering control of the House of Representatives and the beginning of her term as Speaker during George W. Bush's administration.  Needless to say Pelosi has failed thoroughly and completely in living up to this pledge.

Instead, under her tenure, the abuses of house members, particularly those of her own party, have increased dramatically.  This is a hugely contributing factor in why congress has an 11% unfavorable rating under her leadership; the lowest in history.

Now with the outcome of yesterday's subcommittee hearing, where Democratic Representative Charlie Rangel was found guilty of 11 out of 13 ethics charges, this only further exemplifies the abject failure of Pelosi to ensure that she led the "most ethical house" in history.  Indeed, Pelosi ignored the charges against Rangel and tried to offer a reprimand plea deal so as to spare him and thereby her, any further embarrassment.

Pelosi herself was caught in a scandal, that predictably went nowhere due to a Democratic majority and disinterest from the liberal mainstream media, when she tried to raise harsh criticisms against the Bush administration for having used enhanced interrogation techniques (such as waterboarding) on specific high level terrorists.  Despite her and Rep Porter Goss being the first House members briefed on the intended use of such techniques, she later stated that, "I can say flat-out, they never told us that these enhanced interrogations were being used."  The Obama administration's CIA director, Leon Panetta, and Mr. Goss have both disputed Mrs. Pelosi's account. 

Now, the Democrats today have gone and re-elected Pelosi as their minority party leader for the 112th congress.  This should make things remarkably favorable for the GOP to retain and likely gain even more seats in congress in 2012, because evidently the Democrats are comfortable living in a swamp.


The Warrior said...

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Dave Splash said...

Funny how Boehner's first order of business was to try and dismantle the ethics committee all together. I'm sure that bodes well for ethics in Congress.

And despite all the hand wringing from the right about ethics violations, the number of violations under GOP control was exponentially higher. Just ask Bob Ney and Duke Cunningham. That is, if you can get on their visitor's list in prison

T. Paine said...

At least Duke Cunningham went to prison, sir. It would seem that what would result in a prison sentence for any ordinary citizen only resulted in censure for Charlie Rangel.

Pelosi has no room whatsoever to stand on with regards to ethics.