Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Code Pink and Pax Christi Join in War Protests

I ran into this interesting post over at Lisa Grass' blog regarding the alliance between the militant leftist group Code Pink and the ostensibly Catholic group Pax Christi USA in protesting America's use of drone attacks in the war in Afghanistan.  These groups have tried to bring attention to the "indiscriminate" use  of lethal force against terrorists by staging mock drone attacks in several U.S. cities to draw public and media attention to their cause.

I am perplexed and a little taken aback that any "Catholic" group would join with Code Pink, since it is so outwardly hostile to the United States and the military that defends it.  I can understand and appreciate people of good conscience protesting war, despite the fact that the absence of war does not typically denote peace and is frankly rather naive; however, aligning with a group that is often at odds with the basic tenets of our nation is frankly highly detrimental to their ultimate cause of that elusive peace.

Code Pink has intentionally been inflammatory in their language to the point of being absurd for a group that ostensibly wishes for peace.  Their hateful speech towards the military and America in general can almost always be found at their rallies or demonstrations.  Note the pictures in this posting as typical of the type of hateful rhetoric that these "peace activists" spew.

Anyway, Lisa, as always, does an excellent job with the posting and I highly recommend checking out the rest of the story at her blog here.


The Warrior said...

I was going to comment...but then I realized you wouldn't be able to publish my words. :-/

T. Paine said...

Kind of ticks one off, doesn't it?

S.W. Anderson said...

I'm not a big fan of Code Pink and don't know what all they've said. I know I don't like it when they get disruptive at congressional hearings.

That said, I can understand their concern, and the Catholic group's concern, about drone attacks that sometimes kill a lot of civilians for little or no yield in actual terrorists. Being critical of such attacks doesn't make these groups anti-American or anti-military. It makes them anti-indiscriminate or poorly planned and/or executed drone attacks.

FWIW, Thom Hartmann asks an interesting question. He asks why it is that so many nations, in Europe and around the world, go about their business unbothered by terrorists, while the U.S. is a prime target. He asks if it could have something to do with the U.S. sending planes to bomb Mideast people and armies to take down their governments, then occupy their countries indefinitely. It's a reasonable question and one that deserves some thought and discussion — something we failed to do before the Iraq invasion.

free0352 said...

Um Anderson, Islamic exteamists are active in the Philipenes, Thaisland, Idonesia, Kenya, Tansinia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Seira Leone, Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Aghanistan, the Cacus region, Serbia, Kosovo, Germany, Russia, Chetchnia, France, Briton, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, the United States, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

So um... you'r arguement is that terrorists leave other countries alone.

Um, nope. Those are just the counties I could think of off the top of my head without looking at a map for reference. Buddy, they're global.

T. Paine said...

Free, I love it when you have the work done before I get there. Your list was even more comprehensive than my top-of-my-head list. :)

Bottom line, Mr. Anderson, is that your and Mr. Hartmann's assertion is demonstrably false.

The Warrior said...

Kind of ticks one off, doesn't it?

Yes, it does!

Dave Dubya said...

This makes me angry and want to hate Code Pink. This reeks of yet another example of the Right’s fascistic tendency to dishonestly scapegoat and demonize dissent in order to create a threat of “enemies within”.

Are you sure you're not posting false images intended to incite anger and hate? Have you checked to see if maybe someone photoshopped here?

Free mis-states SW's point. He didn't argue "that terrorists leave other countries alone" at all.