Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Democrats Cynical Attempt to Harness the Illegal Alien Vote

Michael D. Shear wrote an article in the July 20th, 2010 publication of the Washington Post that, "President Obama and his political aides privately acknowledge that the government's decision to sue Arizona over its new immigration law is helping to fuel an anti-immigration fervor that could benefit some Republicans in elections this fall.

But White House officials have concluded that, over the long term, the Republicans' get-tough message is a major political miscalculation. They predict it will ultimately alienate millions of Latinos, the fastest-growing minority group in the nation.

West Wing strategists argue that the president's call for legislation that acknowledges the role of immigrants and goes beyond punishing undocumented workers will help cement a permanent political relationship between Democrats and Hispanics -- much as civil rights and voting rights legislation did for the party and African Americans in the 1960s."

And therein lies the crux of the issue as far as the Democrats are concerned, just as I have articulated repeatedly over the years.  The Democrats are not trying to "help" illegal aliens in the United States strictly out of a sense of compassion or any other altruistic reason.  In fact, if it were to become quite apparent that 70% of these illegal aliens entering this country were likely to vote for Republicans the next time amnesty rolled around, I guarantee you that the Democratic leadership would have made that border fence water tight, let alone people proof.  Further, they would be prosecuting and deporting such folks found to be here illegally with extreme prejudice, if you will pardon the turn of phrase.

Instead, since the opposite is true and it seems that approximately 70% of illegals are more likely to favor the big government entitlement mentality of the Democratic Party, the Democrats are actively working to try and harness and capture this potentially huge voting block.

The Democrats then have developed a strategy to explain their actions, or lack thereof as the case may be.  They give all of the oft-heard talking point platitudes like, "These people just want to have a better life," or such nonsense as "illegal aliens are essential to our economy and they do the jobs that other Americans no longer will."  My favorite though is the statement of how we "need to get these people out of the shadows". 

Indeed there is a kernel of truth to each of these reasons, but they are offset by the reality of the matter often times which shows that far more harm is done through allowing this illegal immigration to continue unabated with a wink and a nod from our President and Democratically-controlled Congress.  Indeed, this mindset was inexplicably also adhered to by moderate Republicans and President George W. Bush as well, likely out of fear of alienating this huge potential future voting block.

Indeed, this Democratic strategy of non-enforcement of our existing immigration laws is nothing more that the deliberate attempt to try and dilute the GOP vote though.

Continuing from the Washington Post article, "Advisers to the president say his long-standing position on immigration is not motivated by presidential politics. But in a few years, they predict, the Latino population will surge in "red" states, where residents have traditionally voted for Republicans in presidential contests. States such as Texas, which has been a GOP stronghold for a generation, could become permanently "purple" tossups if Republicans do not repair their image."

As you can see, right from the donkey's mouth, the Democrats motives are for consolidation of power and not for any noble or altruistic reasons when it comes to allowing illegal aliens to flow into this country completely unabated.  After all, the Democrats don't look at these people as illegal aliens, but rather as undocumented Democrats.


J. Marquis said...

Okay, now I'd like to hear you admit how many Republicans are using the immigration issue to scare old white people into voting a certain way. The perfect example is John McCain, someone who only a couple years ago was perfectly willing to work on immigration reform but who now only cares about "fixing the dang fence".

T. Paine said...

Marquis, I admit that there are indeed cynical Republicans that are using the issue exactly as you describe to garner votes.

Further, I absolutely agree with you regarding McCain. The only reason McCain has become a hawk on the issue all of a sudden is because he is facing a primary challenge from JD Hayworth from the right.

It is exactly this cynicism and lack of principle that has been the genesis of the Tea Party to hold BOTH major parties accountable.

Further, all of that aside, it doesn't excuse the progressives from their actions exactly as I have articulated them in my posting, sir.