Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Illegal Alien Rally and Flag Desecration in Phoenix

These pictures were forwarded to me by my sister and are of a protest on 7/31/10 in Phoenix over the new Arizona state law SB 1070.  One can clearly see how much love and respect that these "would-be" citizens have towards our country and the state of Arizona.  Does it strike anyone else as ironic that this is the way these people chose to make their case that they have a "right" to be here in this country illegally?

One has to wonder if the police would have stepped in and arrested a US citizen should they have chosen to similarly desecrate the Mexican flag at this rally.  Evidently, since desecrating the American flag is a federal crime, the local and state police wouldn't arrest these "protesters" for having done so as it was not a crime within their jurisdiction.  Only the feds could arrest them, and since they won't arrest illegal aliens for even being here, why should they arrest them for this "petty" crime?

Notice the toilet seat and paper sitting on the American flag?  Care to bet whether such a protest in Mexico would land an illegal alien American in a Mexican prison, and justifiably so?


Anonymous said...

White people are really stupid, or this would'nt be happening, I would have went home and got my guns.

T. Paine said...

Anonymous, violence is absolutely not the answer here. This incident angers me and I would have definitely spoken out regarding it, but I am sure to no avail.

It isn't like the police are going to assist me in such a cause. If enough Americans were similarly agitated and spoke up, perhaps the police could have arrested these "protestors" for disturbing the peace or creating a public nuisance.

Regardless, I am sure the ACLU and all of the mainstream media would have come to their defense, but a vast majority of Americans would absolutely be on our side.