Monday, August 9, 2010

Media Matters Does the Sherrod-Thing to Glenn Beck

Mr. Beck dangled the bait last Friday and Media Matters bit on to it with gusto.  They did precisely what they and many of our progressive friends in the main stream media have done over the years.  They accuse the right of a transgression, often times erroneously, and yet they take no accountability of themselves when they are called on the carpet for the same thing when there is actual proof of their intransigence.

The bottom line was that Glenn was off on Friday and his two friends and co-producers filled in on the air for him.  They spoke on the air of how the killer in the mass shooting last week had claimed he was a victim of racism and that his murderous behavior were spurred by Keith Olbermann always preaching about right-wing racism.

Media Matters ran with this story saying how the Glenn Beck show blamed the killings on Keith Olbermann's rhetoric.

What they failed to do was put the rest of the story into their story.  That would be the part where the two co-hosts came out and said that this line of reasoning was ludicrous and that Olbermann was in no way responsible for another evil person's actions, and further he and others of his ilk likewise should know better when ascribing such hateful motivations of wrongdoing on Beck and other conservatives via their rhetoric.

Anyway, Mediaite does an excellent summary of the fallacious story run by Media Matters.

See this link to Mediaite for the whole story here.

Also, the audio link for what was actually said on Glenn Beck's show last Friday can be heard here:

Beck was back on the air this morning and said that he had "fired" Stu and Pat for their comments based on the "edited" audio he heard on Media Matters.  Stu and Pat both insisted that there was more to the story but had pulled over to the side of the road to tender their resignations so as not to harm the show.  Of course, Glenn claimed to have been ignorant of the whole situation and was not the one that actually had fired them when he listened to the rest of the story that placed Stu and Pat's comments all in context.  He then offered them their jobs back accordingly.  The satire was magnificent and Obama, Media Matters, and Keith Olbermann should all be justifiably ashamed.

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