Monday, August 23, 2010

Piers Corbyn; Science Behind Global Warming is Short-sighted Nonsense

Piers Corbyn, a renowned astrophysicist and solar weather forecaster, is one of the leading skeptics and critics of "global warming science".  This interview conducted on Russia Today is very informative and helps to frame the debate in a far more scientific perspective.

Mr. Corbyn is quoted as saying, "Solar, lunar magnetic patterns allow weather prediction."  Further, the "Science behind global warming is short-sighted nonsense."  Lastly he stated that the, "Impact of human life on climate is trivial compared to nature."

He gives perspective and sound reasoning for his conclusions within the interview.  It is a little long at over 12 minutes, but considering the foolishness from the "global warming is real" proponents that this is settled science, this helps to put a little common sense back into the debate.  After all, who would have suspected that the sun has a huge impact on our earth's climate?

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Gaz said...

as a roofer , this man can tell me wheb the storms comw - Genius