Monday, August 16, 2010

Rush, Foreign Mosques, and Obama's Indifference to Christianity

It is rather ironic that President Obama cancelled the White House ceremony for the national day of prayer this year and yet his state department has seen fit to spend tax payer money to send forth the "ground zero mosque" imam to the Middle East as a goodwill ambassador to promote understanding of our Western society with all of Islam.  To make matters worse, evidently U.S. dollars have been spent in restoring mosques in Africa while our economy is on the verge of collapse.

Why the dichotomy between the seeming ambivalence at best towards Christianity by our president and yet the cheerleading and support he gives towards all things Islamic? 

The nonsensical and farcical ruling by a U.S. District Court Judge when she declared our national day of prayer as un-Constitutional recently stated, "It goes beyond mere 'acknowledgment' of religion because its sole purpose is to encourage all citizens to engage in prayer, an inherently religious exercise that serves no secular function in this context," wrote Judge Barbara Crabb, who said the Day of Prayer violates the First Amendment's establishment clause, which bans the creation of a "law respecting an establishment of religion" in the Constitution.

President Obama seems to heed this in regards to Christian functions and yet he held the annual iftar dinner that celebrates the breaking of the fast for Islam's Ramadan at the White House last Friday 8/13/2010.  Further, wouldn't spending tax payers dollars in building mosques (especially foreign mosques) violate that same "respecting an establishment of religion" upon which Judge Crabb wrote her opinion?

The nonchalance or even thinly-veiled hostility towards Christianity while supporting and spending tax payer money to promote Islam, even outside America is unconscionable.  Either support equally the religious freedoms and rituals of all Americans or no Americans, Mr. President.  And regardless of which path you choose to proceed down in this regards, do NOT spend our tax dollars supporting religious institutions of any type in foreign nations.  The double standard is quite infuriating.  And even though you have chosen not to acknowledge this fact, Mr. President, our Christian nation is indeed perturbed at your less than Christian behavior, sir.


Dave Splash said...

The very same Imam whom you are so offended by traveled throughout the Middle East during the Bush Administration. He went with Karen Hughes to dozens of countries.

And how many Ramadan events did the Bush Administration have at the White House? Many. Google it.

If you weren't so blinded by hostility toward Islam, you might actually see that sending an American Muslim around the world to talk to Muslims in other countries about America's religious tolerance, could actually help our foreign policy. We are engaged in two wars in Muslim countries, after all.

You don't prevent the formation future extremists by engaging in the exact same behavior that the extremists claim you do. Al Qeada mocks the idea of religious tolerance, and claims Muslims are not free to worship as they please in the US. Then, we go and give them the ammunition to make their claims seem credible.

Also not helpful is making a specious claim that the President of the United States is somehow hostile to Christianity and favoring one religion over another. Where is the evidence of this hostility to Christians? Actually, don't bother. It's yet another red herring.

Lastly, the judge is 100% accurate in the ruling regarding the day of prayer. It has no government purpose whatsoever, and should not hold the weight of being a government sanctioned event. The judge would have been making up law (something righties claim to hate) to have decided any other way.

T. Paine said...

Dave, I am aware that this Imam also traveled around on the tax payer's dime during the previous administration too. That doesn't negate my point that it should NOT be happening...then or now!

Further, the iftar meal, as you noted, has been celebrated by a long string of presidents. My beef comes in the fact that President Obama chooses to give offense to the majority of American citizens who are Christian in this nation by cancelling the White House event for the national day of prayer and yet still deems it important to celebrate the Ramadan iftar meal. Why not celebrate both?!?! Does this seem equitable to you, sir?

Further, Muslims are indeed free to worship as they please in this country right up to the point when they wish to establish Sharia law within certain jurisdictions of the United States. Then they are no longer free to do as they wish in that regard. If that constitutes religious intolerance on my behalf, then I would say you are absolutely correct.

Women, including Muslim women, deserve the full faith and protection of their Constitutional rights that would be taken away from them under Sharia law otherwise.

I have already provided the example to you of Obama's seeming favoritism of Islam over Christianity. You are choosing to ignore the facts, yet again, sir.

Lastly, how can you support the asinine judge's ruling against prayer, but you have no problem with tax payer money being spent to send an Imam on what amounts to a fund-raising trip to build a mosque near ground zero? That strikes me as far more egregious under that judge's law than simply praying would be.

Lastly for real this time, did you know that our congress has had a chaplain and has opened sessions with prayer from the very founding of our nation? And now thanks to the ACLU and other revisionists, this was not ever what our founders intended nor should it be allowed, according to their factually devoid world view.
What a disgrace!

T. Paine said...
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