Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Transformation of America

Despite the fact that President Obama claimed he was a pragmatic just-left-of-center kind of guy during his presidential campaign, anyone that took the time to do even a minute amount of research would see this for the lie it was. Obama had one of the most liberal voting records of all legislators during his short tenure in the senate. He never moved to the right to compromise on any legislation and yet talked incessantly about being bipartisan. He claimed to represent the view of a majority of Americans but associated with former terrorists (Bill Ayers), racists (Reverend Wright), and all manner of extreme left-wing socialist types (like Acorn). Despite all of his window-dressing in order to win the election though, he was truthful about one thing. He claimed that he wanted to fundamentally transform America.

Many of those good people that naively voted for the man are now waking up to see exactly what President Obama meant by that. His idea of transformation was not to work in a bipartisan atmosphere and to salve the bitter wounds inflicted during the course of partisan law-making. He would only do that IF the conservative elements in congress would compromise by moving towards Obama's position on all things socialistic.

Obama did not lie when he said he wanted universal health care. This weekend's passage in the House of the illegal and liberty-usurping senate health care bill is the first step in that process. You see, this bill is not what Obama and the far left factions of the Democrat party truly wanted. This bill does not go far enough for many of them in achieving a completely government-run single payer universal health care system. Obama, as he candidly admitted years ago, would be patient though and work towards this end through incremental means.

Pelosi, Reid, and Obama know that this health care plan, if it miraculously passes Constitutional muster, (and there is NO legal way it can) will eventually bankrupt private insurance companies. In the end, the federal government will be the last insurer standing, since they do not have to make a profit, nor do they care about expenses. After all they can always raise taxes, borrow money from China, or simply just print more money. Being patient will pay off for these Marxists and the next step in their incremental takeover of our medical system will be at hand.

This bill was never about health care. It is about expanding government control over a huge part of the economy and the ability to dictate from a federal post how we are to run our lives. Make no mistake; as the rationing of services begins (as it inevitably must) the government will dictate to we the people which of our behaviours are unacceptable as being excessive burdens on the health care system.

Those that partake of tobacco, transfats, red meat, or any other politically incorrect item or behaviour will be taxed additionally or have their benefits further curtailed. Don't believe me?

It is already happening in some of the most liberal states in the union such as in New York City where transfats are now recently outlawed. Talks abound about a enacting a junk food or "Twinkie tax" in some jurisdictions back east.

It was only back in 1993 that we assumed federal health care would never be implemented as Hillary-care was sent packing. Fast forward 17 years and our worst Marxist nightmares are about to be possibly realized. Hopefully the Supreme Court of the United States and its lower courts will stick to the clear principles enumerated in the Constitution. The federal government nowhere within the Constitution is permitted to levy fines against people for failing to follow a law to purchase something against their will simply for the fact of being alive.

One of the other overlooked items to this monstrous health care bill is the fact that all student loans will be handled by the federal government only. Private loans for the purpose of college education are no more. This should scare the heck out of any freedom and truth loving person.

The federal government basically can now dictate to any university what and how it can teach history, science, sociology etc to fit with the government's agenda. If a university fails to do so, the government can restrict the amount of loans granted to students wishing to attend that university. What better way to indoctrinate our young so that the chances of throwing off this yoke on our freedoms is greatly reduced.

If you think this couldn't possibly come to fruition, just remember that many in this country as recently as a year ago couldn't fathom that they would be FORCED under the penalty of law to have to purchase health care insurance. Wake up my fellow citizens so that we can stop this evil transformation and begin to undo the excesses of our liberty-stealing socialistic friends.


Matt said...

This is a very good post which I hope you will repeat in late October.

Hate to tell you this but Limbaugh today mentioned that there were a whole mess of legal challenges to social security when it came out, and that the Commerce Clause has been beaten up over the years and softened by judicial fiat.

On the other hand,...Obama did piss off the court during the State Of The Union Address.... hmmm. I doubt any justice in attendance will forget how THAT felt.

T. Paine said...

You make an excellent point regarding the legal challenges to social security, Matt.

My only hope is that the LAW will rule the day and not politics. If that is the case, liberty will win and this law will die.