Friday, March 19, 2010

The Final Push to Destroy Health Care Liberty

Well it seems that our liberties continue to be under siege from those theoretically representing us in Washington D.C. As I type this posting, Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic henchmen are in a closed door session trying to eek out the last few House votes needed to pass the un-Constitutional health care bill. (Thanks for draining the swamp and for giving the American people such transparency, Nancy!)

I find it absolutely amazing that the Democrats plan to vote, likely through pernicious means, to pass this illegal and liberty-stealing health care bill on a Sunday during lent before they adjourn congress and let the representatives return home. You see, Nancy is afraid that some of the Democrats that are uncertain about this bill will wobble and vote against this if they go back to their home districts and get an ear full from their constituents prior to the actual vote.

Heck, even President Obama cancelled his trip to Indonesia and Australia in order that he could be on hand to sign this bill, should Pelosi be able to bribe or intimidate two more members of the House on the Democratic side of the aisle to see the immense illogic of her side of the debate.
That's right. As of this morning, the Democrats are two votes away from fundamentally changing America for the worse, assuming everyone else stays the course with their stated voting intentions.

Should this bill become law, it will doom America from a fiscal standpoint within a decade. The accounting tricks within the bill that claim it will "save" us money is a lie. There are multiple incidents such as the 1/2 trillion dollar cut in Medicare payments being counted twice in the bill to try and make this thing show a positive net impact on the deficit when the Congressional Budget Office scored the bill.

This bill is monumental in its scope. It passing will be along the lines of other history changing events in this nation such as the firing on Fort Sumter, the passing of the New Deal, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the terrorist attacks of September 11th. This bill will fundamentally change our health care system in America for the worse. It will ultimately bankrupt private insurance companies, decrease the amount of doctors in America, and by default put our nation's health care (1/6 of our entire economy) under the eventual control of the federal government.

Think about that for a minute.

All of the points and counter-points have been argued ad nauseum. The truth is known by a majority of the American people, hence the public support for killing this bill. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama insist on ignoring the will of the people though.

This may be your last chance to tell your congressman and senators to NOT allow this bill to become law.

I strongly urge you to call the congressional switch board and ask to speak to your congressman today before it is too late. (202) 224-3121

You can find your congressman and senators information below:

United States House of Representatives

United States Senators

I fervently pray to God that two more votes are not to be had in support of this liberty stealing bill. We should know on the Sabbath.

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