Friday, March 12, 2010

Hannity's America: 3/11

Hannity's America: 3/11 (Click the preceding link for the full story)

Hannity nailed it on every issue last night, particularly with Nancy Pelosi's hypocrisy in not taking steps to discipline Congressman Massa when she first learned of his indiscretions back in October of last year. The problem is that she chastised the GOP for having known about Congressman Mark Foley's similar issues when they were in power back in 2006. She was right back then but seems to have forgotten her moral way when she is the Speaker. Go figure...


Dave Splash said...

Sorry, Paine, but they are NOT at all the same. Foley prayed on children for a decade, and the leadership KNEW he was a major problem, yet let it slide. They even kept the information from the Bush White House, which infuriated them (understandably).

Massa is a loser, no doubt, but he was in Congress less than one term. The first inkling of a problem with him came in January (not October), and now in March, he is gone. Where is the similarity?

Let's see, Republicans cover up for a pedophile for a decade vs. Democrats investigate a complaint of harassment by an adult and take action quickly.

How is that the same?

T. Paine said...

Wow, did the DNC send you these factually inaccurate talking points? Foley did nothing more than send emails and instant messages of a sexual nature to teenage congressional pages. He did NOT even have physical contact of a sexual or harrassing nature with these young men. Even the FBI found no criminal wrong-doing on Foley's behalf. He is still a creep and was deservedly forced to resign. Nowhere have I seen accounts of this having occured for a decade.

Massa, on the other hand, actually did grope male staff members on numerous occasions that did elicit harrassment complaints. Mass explained these as "tickle fights".
Give me a flipping break! Further, these complaints were known to Pelosi back in October and she chose to do nothing about it, yet she had fit about Foley's disgusting emails years before.

Come on, Dave. You proclaim you are against hypocrisy. Here is your chance to stand up and denounce Pelosi on this one count at least.

Dave Splash said...

It is your facts that need to be called into question. Even Republican sources said the complaints about Foley went all the way back to the 90s.

You can't get around the fact that Foley was there - being a creepy pedophile - for at least a decade, while Massa - also a creep - was in Congress for less that one term. It was Steny Hoyer who first heard the complaint about Massa, and not Pelosi. When it got to Pelosi, she acted.

Both Foley and Massa are losers, but one of the two was only around for a few months, the other a few terms. If you can't see the difference, then your partisan blinders are a touch too dark.

T. Paine said...

Dave,one of them was accused of sending sexually explicit texts and emails. The other one groped and fondled aids. If you can't see the difference, then perhaps it is you who has the partisan blinders on, my friend!