Monday, March 22, 2010

A Letter to the Speaker

I lost a lot of sleep last night, having watched the outcome of the health care bill vote and seeing the triumph of socialism over liberty. With that being the case, I thought I would pen an email and send it to the second most vital person in passing this bill in order to voice my disdain for her. A copy of the letter follows verbatim, with the exception of having used my true name in signing it.

The first most vital party that was essential to having passed this bill was the American people when they voted in President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid. Even though the public woke up late in the battle and strongly denounced the direction in which this socialist cabal was leading us, it was already too late. This is why elections are so important and the consequences of such can be quite dire, as we have just seen. Regardless now, I share my letter:

Dear Madam Speaker,

I congratulate you on your victory in passing the health care bill last night. I hope it is one you will savor as the price of this victory will be very costly indeed, and not just for you and your out-of-touch party but for the American people most of all. Let me assure you that your complete lack of morals and your willingness to bribe, intimidate, and threaten members of your own party to vote according to your will shall not go unanswered. I would recommend you move with alacrity for the remainder of this legislative year, because come this November the stain you have placed upon the title of Speaker of the House of Representatives will be removed. You cannot thwart the will of the majority of the American populace and expect no repercussions, even if you mistakenly think you are doing this for “our own good”. Needless to say, your attempts to “drain the swamp of congress” have been a farce.

I note with great dismay your statement from your victory speech last night claiming that this is something that our founding fathers would have wanted and of which they would be proud. Nothing could be further from the truth and any objective reading of historical documentation and actual letters from the founders support my argument. But then, this is something of which I suspect you also are quite well aware.

The great Frenchman that commented so eloquently after traveling and observing the expanses of our early nation, Alexis de Tocqueville said, “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” You, Madam Speaker, have contributed to the expanse of the latter rather than the former with the passage of this bill.

I don’t for a minute believe that you are not intelligent enough to realize the ramifications of what you and your Democrat conspirators have accomplished here. You intentionally partook in accounting gimmicks and games, such as double-counting the half trillion dollar cut from Medicare to shore up spending elsewhere. Your provisions were so pernicious towards insurance companies competing in the free market system that eventually, they will go broke and become as insolvent as your own state of California. All the while, the costs to the middle class will absolutely be impacted quite negatively. The end game, of course, will be that the government will be the only remaining provider of health care insurance, as per your plan.

Having not ever been elected to congress myself, I am not a wealthy man, but this I promise you, ma’am. I will work via writing, supporting, and contributing to any candidate that has the integrity to run against you while actually promising to support the Constitution you so cavalierly dismissed with this heinous bill. Yours and your party’s desire to create entitlements with which to further enslave the citizens of this nation through dependency upon the federal government is egregious in the extreme. Such measures only serve to weaken our liberties and sap the very dignity of the human spirit as many Americans fall into this trap you have set to rob them of their own rugged individualism and self reliance.

The great economist F.A. Hayek said it far better than I could when he said, “Independence of mind or strength of character is rarely found among those who cannot be confident that they will make their way by their own effort.” You have essentially robbed many Americans for future generations of the honor and dignity that comes from being self-reliant. And all of this while exempting your own self from the very laws you have deemed vital to pass for us, not unlike a Soviet era politburo.

So again, in closing, I offer you my congratulations to you for your victory in this hard-fought battle. You have triumphed over the will of the American people in this first round clash. Let me assure you that the real battle is about to be enjoined and the outcome of the war of Marxism versus Liberty will be found in a victory for Americans and their liberties, while you and the remnants of your party will sit irrelevantly on the sidelines for the next generation due to your audacity in your complete disregard for the Constitution, States Rights, and the will of the American People!


T. Paine


Dave Splash said...

So, to sum up your letter to the Speaker:

Eliminating the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage to those with a pre-existing condition = slavery.

I'm speechless. How brilliant. I guess I just never saw the correlation between being denied health care coverage to freedom. I consider myself illuminated now.

T. Paine said...

Mandating by force of law that We the People must purchase insurance equals slavery. When we are told what we MUST spend our money on by the government, one wonders what they will next dictate we must do.

I doubt this health care bill will stand, but if it does, do you care to place a bet that within ten years we will be taxed or fined if we choose to smoke, drink soda, eat too much red meat etc., all because it puts an extra strain on our health care system that it cannot afford?

Your freedoms are under assault all for the "common good". I am very discouraged that their are so many people that WANT the government to take care of themselves at the expense of their own choices and liberties.

We are a nation that is doomed to complete failure as a beacon of Freedom if we do not change this right now.

So Dave, if you were the owner of say a car insurance company, would you allow someone to place a claim against their policy that you are insuring for them on a car they totalled BEFORE they ever purchased your insurance?

Sounds like a quick way to go out of business to me, which of course is exactly what the Marxists in our government want. In this way, the government will control health care in the end when there are no longer any insurance companies left.

Far better to put these people into a high risk pool and allow insurance companies to compete nationwide for covering them at higher premiums. That, at least, makes sense and actually helps people.

You and the rest of your liberal colleagues seem to want a free handout. Guess what? Somebody ends up picking up the tab, and that is ultimately going to be the middle class, Dave.