Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Makes All Things New Again

A friend sent me the link to this wonderful and powerful song and video probably several years ago. I thought it appropriate to share during this Holy Week.

The song is sang by two of my very favorite country artists, Brad Paisley and Sara Evans, and as is typical, they do a superb job.

The video is primarily excerpts from Mel Gibbson's Passion of the Christ. If you have not seen the movie, be mindful that some of the scenes in the movie and this video are very realistic of the crucifixion and may not be something that everyone may want to watch, although I personally think everyone should watch Mr. Gibbson's movie.

I heard it said that when the Pope was given a private screening of the movie, he reportedly said, "It is as it was." And indeed, it does follow the Word of the Lord as recorded in the Gospels.

May God bless all people this Holy Week!


Catholic Mike said...

thanks for the link Mike I needed that. God Bless

T. Paine said...

May God bless you and yours too!