Friday, December 18, 2009

The Bankruptcy Hypocrisy

It is really easy to pick out any number of incidents of left-wing Democrat hypocrisy on a daily basis, but the audacity of our president’s statements during his latest interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson the other day is quite astounding. This president, who has proposed budgets and current spending that dwarfs that of all 43 previous presidents COMBINED, had the temerity to chasten us that if we do not pass this health care monstrosity, we will bankrupt the nation.

Now the first thing that comes to my mind is how in the heck does expanding government bureaucracy, rationing health care (thereby killing off citizens and decreasing the amount of people paying taxes), and spending trillions to insure those without insurance is going to save the country from going bankrupt? I fail to follow the logic.

Obama said, “If we don't pass it, here's the guarantee….your premiums will go up, your employers are going to load up more costs on you. Potentially they're going to drop your coverage, because they just can't afford an increase of 25 percent, 30 percent in terms of the costs of providing health care to employees each and every year. “ The president further said that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are on an “unsustainable” trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, “the federal government will go bankrupt.” Finally Obama stated, “This actually provides us the best chance of starting to bend the cost curve on the government expenditures in Medicare and Medicaid.”

Pardon me, Mr. President, but nowhere does this plan lessen the costs of health care, let alone improve the quality of its coverage for us Americans. I’ll say it again, if you add millions more uninsured at tax payer expense to the health care rolls while providing huge disincentives to doctors and medical providers in terms of what they can charge and how they can practice medicine, the end result will be many more patients being cared for by far fewer physicians. The result of having a greater demand vs. the available supply is higher costs and less product/service available per person “demanding” it. Simple economics, but evidently not so for President Obama, despite numerous think tanks and even the CBO stating that costs would be higher (much higher by the more realistic reviewers) than the rosy picture being placed on the price tag of just shy of one trillion dollars that our congress has said would be the case.

The bottom line is, President Obama, that if you want to save the country from bankruptcy, then quit ALL spending that is not specifically authorized under the United States Constitution. Quit bailing out those businesses and industries that failed to manage their affairs prudently because they counted on a government bailout should their risky ventures not pan out in their favor. Quit spending money on special interests and pork projects to buy off votes in congress. Quit borrowing trillions of dollars from countries that are NOT our friends (China) or from anywhere else for that matter.

If you want to save the country from bankruptcy, do not sign this bill into law and thereby take over 1/6th of our nation’s economy for the federal government to operate defacto. Despite your propaganda and blatant hypocrisy, Mr. President, it is the killing of this current health care bill that will keep us from going into bankruptcy for the moment. Passing it will push us over the edge.

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