Friday, December 18, 2009

More Damning Evidence of the Global Warming Hoax

Russia's Institute of Economic Analysis reported on 12/15 that the Hadley Center for Climate Change in England had falsified their findings based on data obtained from Russian meteorological stations. Evidently the Hadley Center used only 25 percent of the existing Russian stations as they were the only ones supporting their agenda-driven theory of anthropogenic global warming. This effectively cut out data from stations from over 40% of the Russian territory. Further, the data that the Hadley Center did use was incomplete as they purportedly left out any data that did not corroborate their theory of global warming in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

As Russia occupies 12.5% of the earth's entire landmass, this egregious and pernicious use of only the supporting data for their agenda obviously throws out the validity of any "scientific" conclusions for which the Hadley Center for Climate Change has arrived.

As those with common sense knew all along, man-made global warming is a gigantic hoax. This simply is an agenda for consolidation of power by governments and a means to extort more tax dollars in order to "save the planet".

These people have struck unwarranted fear into billions of people's hearts with their nonsense, cost untold billions of dollars in world-wide economies, and helped to bankrupt corporations (especially American car companies) all in the name of something that does not exist. This is not a mistake on their behalf. It is intentional and it is criminal and morally wrong. Too bad that these people that foisted this hoax upon us probably won't be held to answer for this.

Of course the left will continue to deny this is a hoax and Al Gore will continue to call us "deniers of truth" names such as "flat earthers" etc. but the evidence is mounting in incontrovertibly huge amounts that lay waste to their lies. So, Mr. Gore, I will take my extra chromosome and continue to believe what SCIENCE is telling us and not what you and your ilk are spewing in an attempt to rake in even more power and dollars for yourselves. Personally, I think you should have stopped after having invented the Internet, sir, instead of creating this false religion of global warming.

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