Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jobless Summit Farce

President Obama needed to look like he was actually doing something about the economy so today he held his “Jobs Summit”. The whole thing was an exercise in cynicism from the very beginning. Obama invited primarily those that were “open-minded” (read that as not critical) of the job he has done thus far. With that being the case, Obama did invite some big business people, and of course union representatives (never mind the fact that unions are part of the reason for a loss of jobs in this country) to his summit. Conspicuously missing were representatives from the US Chamber of Commerce who represent large and especially the small businesses that make our country’s economic engine run and provide most of the jobs accordingly.

One might suspect that they were purposely left off the invite list because of their public opposition to Obama’s less than stellar stewardship of the economy with his policies. Of course the left would decry this as being a conspiracy theory at best and flat out racist at worst.

Some of Obama’s comments during this debacle were amazing. He spoke of how small businesses in particular, due to the tough economic times, had developed a culture in which they cut costs and managed to “squeeze” every bit of productivity out of existing employees. All of this said with the subtle implication as being a bad thing to his Marxist mind. He further went on that these small businesses had adapted thusly so that they could maximize their profits in these tough times. WHAT THE HELL does he think businesses are supposed to do? Anyway, because of their “greed” by implication, these businesses were not hiring people now. His question to these invitees was what SPECIFICALLY and in DETAIL could be done to help these businesses hire again and create new jobs.

Although his question is very serious, I don’t think he takes it as such. Regardless, I do have an answer for him. Businesses, and particularly small businesses, have to watch their bottom line, and yes they must make a profit if they are to remain in business! They are therefore unwilling to add more costs to the business in the form of additional labor expense when these business people are so danged unsure of the economic climate to come.

Cap and tax legislation will cost huge amounts in additional operating taxes for everyone, especially small businesses that can least afford it. Further, if the abomination of Obamacare passes, this will place an even larger tax burden on small businesses as they must necessarily take care of their government-mandated employees’ health care. When times are tight and potentially huge expenditures are ominously looming on the horizon, a prudent business owner is not about to hire additional employees typically.

If you want to fix this problem, President Obama, the answer to your question is to do one of your prime time shows and announce that you have decided to scrap cap & tax legislation and Obamacare for good. I guarantee you will see a sizable uptick in employment. And not a bogus one like the ones manufactured out of the executive office. I am talking substantial real world jobs here.

Which begs another question, President Obama. I thought that your porkulous spending bill would create/save jobs so that our national unemployment would not venture north of 8.0%. That was YOUR GUARANTEE and the reason that the spending bill had to be rushed through without thorough examination as there was no time to spare. Now that we are currently at 10.2% unemployment with it expected to climb further in the coming months, maybe you should re-evaluate your policies. I know better than to expect you to take my suggestions
to heart, but at the very least you should reign in you Keynesian tendencies as they are proving once again to not work in the real world. But then you knew they wouldn’t all along, didn’t you Mr. President?

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