Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Copenhagen Hypocrisy

Once again the enviro-whackos' hypocrisy is on full display; this time at the global warming summit in Copenhagen Denmark this week. Evidently, these fools and charlatans are continuing their global warming power grabbing agenda as if the truth had not been made public that their own "scientists" falsified and ignored contrary data in their global warming research. They are pretending as if those leaked emails from their own researchers never happened, and that global warming really isn't a hoax.

Regardless though, the hypocrisy of these elitist idiots is amazing. It has been reported that ALL of the limousines in Copenhagen have been rented and they have had to send out as far as Germany and Sweden for people to bring in additional limousines for these visiting dignitaries at this summit. To top that off, only five of the 1200 non-private limos there are hybrid or electric.

Further there are over 140 private jets that have come in with various dignitaries for this summit too. The Copenhagen airport is not able to handle that many jets, so many of them have dropped off their elitist occupants and then flown to surrounding airports to park and wait. Presumably they will fly back to get them and fly home after the summit ends next week.

All of this, plus the huge contingent that accompanies any president and Air Force One will be there next week as Lord Obama arrives at the conference to put in his two cents on how we should destroy what is left of the American and world economies all for the purported reason of saving the world from non-existent anthropogenic global warming.

The fact is that if the U.S. becomes signatories to the wishes of this summit's members, we will be giving up much of our sovereignty and destroying what is left of our economy. If Obama thinks 10.2% unemployment right now is bad, just wait to see what happens if this nonsense is enacted.

Luckily congress would have to ratify any treaty to which Lord Obama agrees; however, with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at the reigns there, it is not certain that this would be rejected there either.

After all, this global warming hysteria isn't really about saving the planet; it is about consolidating power in the world's governments. If there truly was a fear of imminent disaster from global warming, one would think that even these elitist power-grubbing snobs would not be producing a carbon footprint for this two week summit that rivals that of the continent of Africa's... or would they?

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