Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is Life Still a Right for Modern-day Democrats?

I have long been troubled by the few cars parked in the lot of my Catholic church, presumably by parishioners there, that have the audacity to have Obama bumper stickers upon them. Now I understand that historically there has been a strong tie between the Catholic Church and Democrats in this country; however, what I do not understand is how people can put a political party affiliation above that of God’s commandments. Frankly I would rather draw the ire of the likes of supposed Democrat Catholics like Nancy Pelosi , John Kerry, and the numerous iterations of Kennedys in congress instead of having to explain myself to our Lord come judgment day about my support for abortion.

Make no mistake; I am a huge sinner and have much to atone for; however, I don’t understand how a supposedly faithful Catholic (or Christian of any stripe for that matter) can vote for the likes of Obama who champions abortion. I also understand the purported social justice reasons for supporting Democrats. Never mind that Democrat policies often end up hurting rather than helping the poorest among us in most cases. Putting that aside though, even if one does agree more with the Democrat philosophy and agenda, shouldn’t the right to life trump all?

I applaud those rare courageous Catholic Bishops that have issued edicts against giving Holy Communion to a politician that is supportive of abortion.
If only all of the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons would have the courage to speak out unequivocally in support of life and back it through their actions, perhaps we would see an actual decline in the number of abortions we tally as a nation each year. Regardless, how can one in good conscience take part in the Holy Eucharist and then not seek to protect life that Christ created?

The church teaches us to love and respect and protect life from conception to natural death because that is what God wants. God did not create life just so we could kill it if it becomes inconvenient to us. I was appalled when then-senator Obama said during the campaign that he wanted to keep abortion legal as he wouldn’t want his daughters to be “punished with a baby” should they make a mistake. Unfortunately, Obama has also been supportive in voting for the most extreme and gruesome forms of abortion, such as partial birth abortion, when even many pro-abortion supporters draw the line before that point.

And now with the Democratic Congress and President rushing through this monstrous and evil health care bill which will provide for federally funded abortions, as the legislation currently stands, and will certainly end up rationing care to the sick and elderly in order to save money by shortening their lives, one has to wonder just how far we as a nation must stray before our “just reward” is meted out to us. I shudder to think what the consequences will be.

And for you pro-abortion supporters, I want to make clear that I do not hate those people that have chosen to abort their babies. On the contrary, I feel immensely sad for them and pity them. May God comfort them and help them through their pain of having had to make such a choice. And may He bless those that have moved on after that and come to realize that choosing and defending life is what He wants for us all.

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