Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rush on The Conservative Ascendancy

All politics is cyclical, so conservatism will not always rule the day, but Limbaugh is correct that it is in high ascendancy currently.  This is quite remarkable since it seemed that it would be in exile for at least a generation with the anointing of Obama to the presidency.  Ironically, the socialistic over-reach of President Obama and his fellow political travelers in the politburo.... er, I mean, in congress has awakened a majority of the American people who are lining up and voting that THIS is NOT what they wanted with the Democratic Party rise two years ago. 

The grass roots rise of the Tea Party has come along and is in the process of holding the GOP accountable and thrashing the progressives in both parties so that fiscally responsible and constitutionally guided candidates will overwhelmingly rule the day this November 2nd.  The light of hope is indeed becoming brighter once again in America!

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Dave Splash said...

"with the anointing of Obama to the presidency"

He was elected by a large majority of Americans. Let's not play this game.

Also, trusting Rush Limbaugh's judgment as a non-biased political analyst is a recipe for disappointment.