Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obama's "View" and the Irony Thereof

"The one thing that does frustrate me sometimes is the sense that we shouldn't be campaigning all the time. There is a time to campaign. And then there is a time to govern." - President Obama on The View 7/29/2010


Dave Splash said...

I'm not seeing any irony here. Ever since he won the election in November 2008, the Republican Party has been on a "campaign" (more like a jihad) to try and bring him down. Is he not supposed to stand up for his positions? Is he not supposed to defend himself from the slander and lies told about him every day by the other side? If the GOP can declare him a failure after three weeks in office, is he just supposed to accept that verdict?

You call it campaigning, I call it defending oneself. And sadly, he has done very little of it. If he had been actually campaigning, his numbers would be a lot higher. He seems absolutely unwilling to tout his own remarkable achievements, and he gets zero help from the sad sack of (mostly) losers who make up the professional wing of his party.

T. Paine said...

Dave, I guess we see things far differently. Surprise! ;)

I would submit to you that virtually all President Obama has done is campaign, often by maligning his predecessor for his own failures. (admittedly sometimes, at least early on, he had some justification for doing so.)

Absolutely Obama has a right to forcefully and hopefully factually declare and enact his policies.

Far too often though he would rather be on The View, Letterman, or one of myriads of vacations with his sycophantic supporters.

The irony in the posting was the fact that he did a fluff "campaiging" interview on that foolish show and said what he said about campaigning.

Dave Splash said...

First of all, Republicans blamed Jimmy Carter for their failures all the up until 1992. Check the record. Reagan's entire 1984 re-election campaign was about running against Carter. And Carter was not even 5% as horrible as George "Worst President Ever" Bush. Obama inherited all of the Bush mess (infinitely worse than what Reagan inherited), and you think he should claim it as his own? What planet do you live on, my friend.

Second, Obama has taken far fewer vacations at this point in his presidency than W Bush, Daddy Bush, Reagan, and Bill Clinton. Attacking Obama for doing something less than all his predecessors is the height of dishonesty.

Lastly, regarding the View. I loathe that show. But, I am not its demographic - neither are you. The show targets mostly stay at home Moms, and they do discuss politics on the show. I don't see anything wrong with an appearance. Hell, even Sean Hannity said it was good for a president to go onto a show like that. Now you're on the opposite side of your buddy, Hannity.

T. Paine said...

Wow... I...don' to respond to the alternate universe in which you live, Splash.

For the record, I am not really a Hannity fan. He is a little too smug for my tastes. And, I frankly wish Obama would stay on the golf course or permanent vacation for the next two years. He would do far less damage to our country that way!