Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Conservative Ad for November 2010

While this ad is quite excellent, I sure hope the Republicans follow it up with a strong platform of what they are going to do differently from the Democrats. It is not enough to just vote against the progressives. (Although that is a great start!)  Conservativism needs a well-articulated platform for which the electorate can and will enthusiastically vote.

True conservative ideas are based on history, free-market economic principles, and the constitution. Those three things trump EVERYTHING the progressives have to offer and if well stated, it is the reason why conservatives will take over the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate in just two more months. 

This will only be the first step though; It is absolutely incumbent upon We The People, after we kick out the progressives from office, to ensure that those we elect in their stead stay true to their promises and oath of office in the herculean effort that is going to be required to restore our country to honor and greatness.  It can be done, if we are diligent. 

If we aren't, it is likely that things will improve somewhat at first and then degrade again into the rino Republicanism that was the hallmark of the more recent congresses during the early Bush administration.  You know... the corrupt and progressive Republican congress that became the catalyst for the progressive Democrats to take over and decimate our nation.  This can not be allowed to happen again.

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